Picking Maine Potatoes, Taught How To Work Early On.
Effort, Picking Maine Potatoes, Raking Blueberries, Digging Clams, Learning To Smile, Enjoy Entry Level Jobs.

Save your money, teach your children about good manners and instill work ethic so later year customer service consultants are not needed.

Would you hire your kids as an employee and are they wired with what is needed to be an asset to an organization? To earn their keep so to speak. Do your kids like to work, do you get satisfaction from yours?

It no secret that with lots of competition for a business dollar comes the need to always be sharpening your skills. To not just be a busy bee and simply work harder, dig in. But to do what you do better. Consistently, more efficiently and with a creative flair to stand out from the herd. So education to stay up to date in what you do for a living career is critical for survival.

But if the employee already knew, was trained from the time they wobbled, toddled and learned to walk the right and wrong way to deal with people wouldn’t that be a huge benefit to the company?

To hear the word no and not fight authority. To accept there is always another person in most life situations to have to factor in and consider their feelings. Is it good for them, not just me. Like looking down at the WWJD bracelet as an on board life guide template to make sure you pick the right path. Make the correct, best of the options layed out in front of you selection.

Here are close to 100 top customer service tips, suggestions from proven pioneers in running legendary business models. Sometimes the poor customer service is simply delay, because getting the information is just a run around, major time delay rig-a-ma-roll.

“Can I help you” starts with knowing something the other end of the signal does not and needs. Being able to provide a service and actually of any help, benefit is assumed. The customer comes to you to learn something. For information you have, they need. Being well versed in the product or service is the cornerstone of customer service excellence. But delivery of that knowledge and how easy, pleasant it is to access by Jonathan and Josephine Q. Public is only part of business success.

Tone, attitude, efficiency, experience, empathy and plain good manners are needed all the time to provide quality customer service.

pre-recorded conversation when on hold is not the best time for a company’s performance review from you calling with a problem. Not looking to provide an endoresement.

Like the 800 number and decal stuck to the rear end of the 53′ foot long trailer truck box cautioning about wide turns. And asking about how’s my driving when you are ten and two. Fishing for the how are we doing performance pit stop invitation to call in. The customer is delayed in getting what they want or is upset, hot under the collar because they don’t feel treated fairly. Or just did not need one more thing in an overbooked life to go wrong. Need addressing and immediate attention.

Or the customer perceives he or she is just not getting a fair shake even when they are.

Not the most easy to get along with and you, like others in their life are somehow always responsibility for their unhappiness, disappointment. It is an art to deal with the public. But skill sets built into kids through out life will help customer service. Create a willingness to “can I help you” asked for really wanting to be an aid. To be of service wearing a genuine smile. Because they like to help, are good at it. Were taught how to pitch in early in life at home, school, church, entry level jobs. We live in the information society but accessing it quickly, completely and with a twist of humor and entertainment makes a stand out customer relations back and forth experience.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker