Local ways of communication, expressions slung back and forth in conversations in Maine.

Where everyone in your small Maine town knows exactly what you are saying. But use the word, expression unique to your area down country or out of state and whoa. Eyes get big, conversations you are in grind to a halt. And others left behind wonder what did he just say?

Saturday Afternoon Bath Time For Mr Maine Moose.
Maine Moose Further Up In Aroostook County Safe From Drunk Hunters. Shooting Lower State Cows, Horses.

Canadian English, or the influence of French Acadian poetic license part of the different dialect here in Maine. But terms like “chummy”, “wicked good” are “mister man common” as all get out in Downeast sections. A yuh. You cunning chowdah head. Somehow eating more seafood and all that salt water, brisk damp air and lighthouses all add to the comedic language twist.

Comedians in Maine make their bread and butter from the colorful expressions that cause a chuckle.

Like “she has a wicked decent body but looks like someone took a clam rake to her face”. ‘Nuff said. We’re still in the family hour and this blog post is G rated. More on Atlantic Canadian colloquialisms.

But if you are ever on a national big money game show. Quizzed under the hot center stage spot light about the headline for this Me In Maine blog post, here are the answers if “from away”. A piddle is a one front light out motor vehicle. Skin a cat means climb up a tree until it bends over and glide back to the ground safely. Variation of the term by kids trying to get the same point across whip up their own code expressions. That just those in the neighborhood or the same tree clubhouse would ever know how to decipher what the term “elevator tree” means.

Chalmerize, think detailing a car like no other.

Spit polished, clean, keen and show room spiffy. Coined from a car detailer name Chalmer Karnes who applied the elbow grease to making a car factory fresh for a small fee. Not just glossing over the vinyl, leather or genuine imitation wood trim of a vehicle with a can of Pledge. Using tooth brushes to with dental floss precision remove lint, grime, crud, junk that builds up in a car.

From drive through spills, animals, lousy weather snow and mud, gravel that pile up, travel with a motorist. Chalmer (locals call him Chalmah) would remove seats, deep shampoo several times the rugs and go the extra mile of car detailing. Got a reputation as Top Gun from his attention to detail. Punch buggie no return can cause a flinch, your arm to hurt just with the words uttered too while we are on the subject of cars. That spotting of a VW bug and the bonus points for a pididdle blinded in one head or fog light. But a pedunk is a car or truck with a missing tail light.

Something for the kids to pass the time on a road trip to Houlton Maine. Along with counting cows, other collectibles to kill time on the highway. While Mom and Dad “shoot the breeze” up front. Taking turns switching off shot gun position, playing Bonnie and Clyde.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker