Spring Like Temperatures, Melting New Maine Winter Snow.
Find Yourself In Maine. All Four Seasons It Means Get Outdoors. Horses Like You, Me, Need Fresh Air!

Outdoors, fresh air, not just you and I thrive on it in Maine.

Barn yard animals, like this Hammond Plantation Maine horse loves being turned out. Not being stuck inside a closed up barn small box or standing stall. Sometimes the fresh air and new snow can have the same effect on horses a new field of clover does.

Eating too fast, too much because it is such a change from the ho hum winter diet.

Maine Horse Is Fine, Not Sick, Just Rolling In New Snow.
Horses Like Their Backs Scratched, Rubbed ! And Make Snow Angels Too.
From the few flakes of hay, a coffee can of grain and lots of water to wash it all down. And a mineral lick. Then whoa. Suddenly dessert happens. A rich, thick new red, white, green lush sweet bed of new clover. To wine and dine on. To roll in. Spring fresh air casts the same spell.
Horsing Around At The Maine Farm.
Enjoying The Day. Scratching Your Own Back. Making Yourself Happy. Maine Horses Do It.

Caught a few hay burners in Maine horsing around this afternoon and thought I would share their antics.

Makes you take a lesson from the animals. To live in today, enjoy the weather and being grateful we all live in Maine. Get to tap into Vacationland all year round. Not just a three day weekend, one puny week a year and that’s all you get. To tide you over until next year.

Any season, for a slew of reasons, get to Maine. Don’t keep her waiting. Staying away too long only makes it hurt more once she gets into your system. As she tugs on your heart playfully. Sample other Maine images. And be honest. Don’t you feel a stir inside, an urge, an itch to make Maine part of your mental health and physical exercise diet? Square away the spiritual side of things too with the surroundings of natural, unspoiled beauty that no way man could have created.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker