See Maine On A Snow Machine, Sled.
Smoothing The Way, Making The Snow Sled Trail Paved With New White Fluff.

A Maine snow less winter would be akin to Southern California without day after day of sunshine and instead plenty of rain.

There are many myths about Maine weather, making it into something more akin to the Arctic Circle surroundings. Like someone flipped the weather channel to life near the top or bottom poles. Whoa. That’s not Maine.

We have no Maine polar bears, no ice carved villages of igloos. Get way more than twenty minutes total sunshine each winter. The locals don’t wander around in fur garb and mukluks. Are not stumbling aimlessly in the dark all winter long. Tongue clucking, shouts of yip yip to motivate teams of huskies to negotiate drifts only happening in Fort Kent Maine dog sled competitions in March. For entertainment, the sport. Not survival, not round the clock the way things roll.

The last few winters in Maine it is been like the situation some wannabee ranchers test positive for…. all hat and no cattle.

Painfully light in the white fluffy snow department. No white stuff means more expense making snow with high pressure air and water on Maine ski areas slopes, trails. It’s pretty hard on a Maine snow sled, snowmobile to have fun fun fun on the trails if a blanket of new snow is missing. Didn’t arrive, not shipped, released from up above.

To groom, shape and create a winter highway through woods, across fields and lakes. To see Maine, get to special places only accessible atop a lean, mean Maine snow sled. Or what some term “ice rockets”. It is a blast to pull the trigger, the need for speed. But knowing you have to not wake up dead. Go to work Monday morning. And that full coverage space age helmet is not going to protect you from careless, dangerous, snow sledding full of fire water, barley pops. Tread lightly. Be good stewards.

This morning, after much newsprint and recycled electrons media hoopla, it remains to be seen when the snow settles if Old Man Winter created an “historic, epic N’ortheaster winter weather extravaganza”.

We live in Maine, it’s winter guys and gals. But maybe the heavy rotation spotlight on the Maine winter snow load patterns, the drought of no two alike flakes piling up has made us desperate. For the weather channel, the national weather service and media types during a winter slow snow news day to seize the chance.

Like blaze fighters parked, just hanging around the fire house way too long. Itching, restless to go out on a call to fight fire with, ‘er hoses, ladders, axes. To spring into gear with lights, sirens. What they were trained, born to do. So we may finally have a real rip snorting Maine winter storm brewing. To buzz about because chummy, you know we like to talk about the Maine weather. It can get wicked blustery let me tell you mister man. Change (finger snap sound) just like that. You gonna eat that lobstahhh claw, plate of steamahhhs ? Pass, slide ‘er this way will ya? Thank you muchly as Thelma Henderson likes to say. Maine winter snow shoveling works up one healthy appetite don’t ya know.

Maine Winter Snowstorm Video.

I have a Maine farm home rented to folks that know snow. That cross country ski, snow shoe, love winter outdoor recreation and all the beauty that comes with it. Waiting for a little Maine winter snow that is just starting to percolate from the heavens above. To create enough to plow out the Maine winter snow from the driveways. Embarrassed to have to go way way back to 2008 for a Maine winter snowstorm video. To remember what they look, feel like. As I blog, tap out the words and sample a fresh hot black cup of joe, I am waiting for enough new Maine snow to cover the bald spots. Create enough to plow.

To relive the kid like wonder of lots of new fresh fallen Maine snow.

Remembering, experiencing again like a small child. Digging tunnels, making forts, getting to down hill ski or snow sledding during a Maine winter and all that fresh air energizes you. Maine winter snow, not a dirty four letter word. It pumps lots of money into the local, state tourism coffers. Spread the word, we’ve got snow in Maine. Better enjoy it while it lasts, is here. The groundhog did not see his shadow remember? Spring is over the next hill.

Maine, big beautiful and full of wildlife. Every season offers a new spin, hits you from a completely different angle just when you thought you had her all figured out. Come for a day, stay a lifetime.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker