Sit Back, Take It All In. Maine.
Outdoors, No Office Desks, No Deadlines. Your Outdoor Therapy.

You don’t look good in blaze orange, get tangled up casting a fishing line.

And snow sledding, down hill or cross country skiing is not your cup of tea. But hope others love all the above in Maine. What to do for other sources of fun? Glad you asked.

The State Of Maine Tourism people suggestions should help break the ice on other activities to consider. Maine is lots more than hunting, fishing, snow sledding trips. And lighthouse tours of Maine’s many are a life long collection. To revisit and take away something different each time. Under your own power, hiking picnicing in Maine is one low cost family fun option too.

See a puffin, explore the many Maine islands, the north woods, Allagash Wilderness Waterway.

Or 101 other Maine things to do. I am home based in Northern Maine, Discover Aroostook County. Or white water rafting, carriage rides part of Maine’s excitement too.

Being handy to Baxter Park, biking the trails of Acadia Park are two favorites.

But to each their own right? The point is not to waste a place with the space called Vacationland. So much to do in our own backyard, in state. So so lucky to be living, to have raised kids in Maine full time. Not having to settle for just a weekend, a stretch of days once a year to jam it all in. Would not do the place justice.

The photostream of Maine might offer suggestions of what looks like fun to you. So could Maine local community videos. Toggle them, sit back and listen and see what generates inside. For help in the kick in the pants to enjoy all Maine has to offer. To get started because life is too short. Find out what made in Maine means.

Maine, she’s waiting.

Never been here? You are in for one big surprise. Hang on, come for a day. End up staying a lifetime. Come learn all the stuff the Maine tourist information brochure leaves out. Had to edit that just would not fit. She’s that extra special.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker