Four Season Maine Living. All Four Seasons.
Finding Simple Living Serves Best, Mainers Are Happy, Content, Industrious And Work Harder To Preserve The Things, The Basics That Matter Most.

Being content, at peace starts with knowing you have more than enough. Everything you need for survival and happiness is within us all.

But somehow along the way the simple living, easy does it moderation can go to heck in a hand basket. Getting caught up in marketing, and overspending happens when we are convinced we can not be so happy without this or that toy, merchandise, service. Told, lectured living happily ever after without something means order before midnight today. With three easy, one last not so much fun payments.

The simple approach to life is the template for Maine living for a couple reasons. First, not a state flush with extra cash to splash. We don’t show off, need to be the center of attention or keep up with the Jones’s. The Jones’s with all the glitz move away. Because all the trinkets and monetary rewards from success don’t play well in simple, down to Earth help your neighbor Maine.

Second, simple living in Maine means less exasperation or chomping at the bit anxious feelings to crank it up several hundred RPM. You miss the small joys, the splendor, the fun of being lucky enough to live in Maine. If possessed with that NASCAR pit stop life approach wind up day in and out. Like a marathon where you bust a gut in the beginning leg. Then peter out from sheer exhaustion because you did not pace yourself.

True Mainers born and bred into simple living are happy with what they have.

Grateful for what they possess and not lamenting what they don’t. What they earn and respect, take care of because the money comes hard. The weather is a little more of a challenge. And a nest egg for a severe dip, twist in the road of life means live a tad below your means. It is not square, not hokey, not suffering, just sensible. Disciplined to not be a burden on anyone else.To row your own boat, pitch in for the greater good and to be productive. With a positive purpose providing value filling our many small, scattered Maine family rich communities.

Early medicine growing up the same simple approach. Not racing to the hospital with the sign of a sniffle. And Mom relying on old tried and tested favorites in a much smaller family medicine cabinet. Cod liver fish oil, a teaspoon of that will cure what ails you. Heated up and rubbed on your chest when you are achy, have a cold. Gargling with just warm water and salt when the pipes of the gullet get sore. Flat coke syrup and ginger ale, a few crackers when nothing wants to stay down at the other end of the stomach.

But along with the simple medicine approach, wisdom of the older generation with sage advice about get your sleep.

My three older brothers and I reminded to get your rest. That things don’t look so good the next day when you don’t. That a body not cared for gets worn down, sick. Bundle up when you go out. Count your blessings to reassure, remind you how lucky we all truly are in so many ways. Your mental, physical, spiritual outlook all up to you to maintain, preserve, protect. Taught to hang loose, don’t get shook up. Be patient. Tomorrow is a new day.

Our work, labor, profession defines us too.

Do your best, work hard to become better and to provide a warm, loving house for your children. Keep it looking respectable with maintenance that is cheaper if not neglected in the long run. Contribute to your local community. Explore Maine’s nooks and crannies with your family. Get them educated and prepared for when the parents are gone. And they move up a generational notch in the simple game, process of life.

If is harder for some out of state Maine real estate buyers I see to warm up to the notion of simple living. Who find it hard to give up the crutches being a little more affluent can create. But those crutches, the neediness for stuff you can live without clutter your life. Interfere with the basics of living in a simple but drop dead gorgeous natural Maine setting. Starting fresh, without a mountain of debt and this, that stripped away. That you thought you can not live without that all come with a price.

Replaced as you settle down from the hurry scurry.

With new found appreciation for a Maine sunrise. The promise of a day to not waste. Filled with wholesome, basic events you make yourself. And reflection at sunset that you accomplished much. Not just on the outside but your inside. Contentment, peace, inner joy makes the world around you, the people in it more enjoyable. Get to Maine, settle down and find what’s been missing.

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I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker