If you are lucky enough to be a real Maine native, not a transplant, not a wannabe for only a week’s vacation a year, you keep life simple.

Maine Living, Keeping It Simple, Down To Earth. You are not simple minded, but your life style is. Moderated to take it slow, keep it real, free of drama. There is nothing gaudy, over the top or ostentatious about living full time in Maine whatsoever.

Maine has a Portland with around 60,000 people that sometimes consider themselves a little more sophisticated than the rest of the Pine tree state.

But the majority of Maine has deep roots, heritage that centers around the family, the home. Small town community living with either forested woods or agriculture related industries the two staples used to generate the smaller income needed to fuel, to pay the household bills.

The need for money to burn to live a lifestyle of Riley, to have a happy life without hard work, problems or worries is not what typical Mainers strive for, dream about day to day.

The ones that do leave the state in search of fame and fortune. The ones that don’t are not failures that stay home. Their choice to live, work and play in Maine is a simple one. Small town values to make sure their children, families grow up with their heads screwed on straight. Built to fear God, respect others and pass on the same simple basics of good Maine living to the next generation.

Less complicated, slower paced living days under cobalt blue sunny skies happen in Maine. Or unfold under a canopied black velvet firmament of brilliant stars over head. Instead of honking horns, heavy traffic, high crime and bright harsh neon big city lights.

We are independent, can do people in Maine.

And figure if it is to be, it is up to me. Money saved for rainy days can help you sleep nights because you don’t put yourself on the brink of financial disaster. Your life is not built on a deck of tittering cards just waiting for a gust of air, a strong wind to begin the chaos.

We don’t live recklessly but still enjoy a gentile form of poverty that is high, wide and handsome from the local perspective. You could have a BMW car parked in the garage… might be a well cared for, pre-owned 1987 model with a lot of highway miles. But the pride, joy and care for the ride and how it is built, not for any prestige or status is just as strong with the Mainer who could not afford it when it rolled off the assembly line from Germany. The Mainer who is content to wait his turn, to be the second, third, fourth driver to slide behind it’s steering wheel.

Made in Maine is not just a term to apply to products from LL Bean, or tourist items peddled by local craftsmen, artisans.

It makes a statement about the people, families that are forged in simple, real, honest down to earth natural surroundings. Living in a state almost forgotten because of it’s isolation. Some say insulation due to Maine’s far northeast location. Some argue we should be in Canada we are so far to the north and by ourselves. Off the beaten path in a special place.

Watch a video clip from Anthony Bourdain’s No Reservations segment on Maine to get a taste, glimpse, feel of what the real Maine is about. I saved you the best seat in the grange, church, community hall at a small inland Maine bean supper.

When you are ready, finally at the point in your life to tap in to all Maine offers, in a simple way, call, click, come visit me. I know a sensitive Maine real estate broker who loves what he does, where he does it. That can find you a piece of Maine to call your own. To begin tapping in to the simple essence of what the word Maine really means. Providing those that make the time to be in Vacationland a rich sense of well being, contentment and peace. You can figure things out in Maine. Get here quick as you can.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker