Maine Water Is Everywhere And Enjoyed By Man And Beast Alike.
Clean Water In Maine Happens Out Of Respect, Because Of Fewer People, Less Development.

Clean, plentiful water is not the norm, a given everywhere on the planet.

But in Maine, water is pristine, unspoiled, in great abundance. The Maine water sustains us for more than hydration and is usually, somehow tied to our recreational endeavors. Looking at it, swimming, fishing it. Maine has lots of water. And we protect it, treasure the natural resource that we treat like good stewards. Passing it along to the next generation in as good or better condition, shape than we we received it.

Riding, rafting, kayaking the Maine rivers, taming them or being pulled along for the wild ride. Or watching Maine lake water go solid, become ice.

The depth of wells in Maine is not like other urban areas heavily tapped into with the drilled straws to service the needs, pressures of family households.

The water rights go with the properties, real estate being sold, conveyed, transferred. Unless a shared well has water rights conveyed to the place out back. That was originally grandmother’s trailer, mobile home. Or used by the hired hand on a Maine farm in a rental property. Some recreational properties rely on hand carried water in un-pressurized systems for simple outdoor camping in Maine.

Clean, fun, plentiful water in Maine, the land of lakes. Many islands, lots of rivers, ponds, streams, brooks and ah yes, the oceanfront. Where lots of Maine lighthouses are surrounded by crashing waves of water on rocky, craggy, jagged coastlines.

Do more than 8 glasses of water per day. Maine is waterfront, somehow connected to water to float your boat. Don’t stay away so long. Find your local Maine well driller if that’s your H2O need.

Maine Rivers Fun For Kayaking, Rafting, Canoeing Video.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker