When you make your living listing and selling Maine homes, no matter where you go, you notice, admire them.

Because it’s what we do. Like a car salesman who loves highly engineered autos. Or a jeweler who has his own personal collection of gemstones.

So when we are traveling around Maine, homes in other areas catch our eye.

Get a snap shot and collected like Maine lighthouses. Which are not so common in Aroostook County. Not needed on a Northern Maine lake or river to warn of waterway shipping lane hazards.

Maine Is Filled With Grand Older Homes.
Can You Imagine Raising A Family, Holding Parties And Living, Heating, Cleaning A Home This Big?

On the way back from dropping the youngest son off at the Portland Maine jetport, took a more meandering route along the coast.

To avoid the monotony of Interstate 95. And to sample some of what vacationers only get to see once a year on a week’s vacation. Where anyone who is lucky enough to live in Maine full time gets to experience all year round. And different seasons provide an entirely different sensation, experience for the sightseer. Caught four Maine lighthouses, it was a good day.

The image above the Knox Mansion in Thomaston Maine is too pretty, stately to just drive by.

Had to turn around, go back. Dig out the Brownie Hawkeye. When you make your living dealing with homes, houses in Maine along with other property listing types. Sharing the images, the flavor of Maine in our travels is not hard with the hunt and peck blog format. This Maine mansion home in Thomaston originally built in the late 1800’s high on a hill. It made me look further into history of the General Henry Knox museum.

Maine, forget just thinking summers, lobsters, lighthouses. Get to the state often, don’t stay away so long. See how she feels in the other three seasons besides just during summer living.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker