Entertaining Yourself In The Maine Woods, With Four Legged Furry Neighbors For Fun.
Maine Is Big, Vast, Underpopulated So Real Space, Outdoor Natural Happiness Happens.

If you’re happy and you know it, clap your hands.

Stomp your feet. Smile big, wide and handsome. But expecting to have full time joy, contentment, a state of intense happiness and self-confidence takes lots of work. And others are not the key to taking you to this “happy place”. It starts, ends with what happens deep inside.

My Mom labeled the culprit that steals, robs a sense of wall to wall surrounding happiness and joy a condition called “stinking thinking”. Not counting your blessings at least three times a day. On the ends, in the middle. You have time for social media interaction. Maybe a few minutes, quiet moments of reflection with a higher power and being on your knees is what is missing. Or maybe you go through the motions, are fooling yourself. Just too busy, in an overbooked life with too many expensive, artificial elements used to cope. And not enough home made, natural ingredients to discover, experience true happiness.

Maine is a state where you dig deeper, find inner resources to do it yourself.

Money is tighter, not so important. Entertainment is outdoors all four seasons. Low and no cost because of all the beauty surrounding us folks that are lucky enough to live here. Or those that schedule regular rest and relaxation therapy sessions with the space in the place called Maine get to enjoy.

Being in a state of Maine. If you already have her in your system, it’s preaching to the choir. If you have not found the time to check our Maine, get ready for a big eye opening surprise. Awareness, true reality not the kind spun, rehearsed and beamed in from Hollywood. Simple living with fewer folks getting in the way of experiencing all Maine has to offer. Boils down, means down to Earth people live here who are just sincerely grateful for what they have. Not lamenting what they might want but don’t truly need anyway.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker