Harnessing, Man Handling Maine Stone For Useful Purposes.
Nothing To Paint, Rot Out, Maine Stone Steps Made To Last.

Maine has a new stash of rocks each year that row crop farmers know all too well.

Picked many a rock and carted them to the woods or to make a property boundary line bigger. More defined. Frost pushes up stones that need removal to keep from jamming, breaking farm machinery used in planting, cultivating, harvest of Maine crops. Lots of other “rocks” in Maine, stones that can be used to make something pleasing to the eye. Used for a finger, fastened to both ears or hung around a neck for display. Like Maine tourmaline.

But stone walls that are hand stacked rip rap, rubble from quarries or recycled from old cellar hole foundations are pleasing to the eye too.

The big granite squares you see on the way up Cadillac Mountain in Acadia National Park are heavy but if man handled in to place could make a neat outdoor fireplace I have been thinking. The one I have outside a Maine waterfront property is way over due for demolition and replacement for nightly fires lakeside on the Maine waterfront.

The really neat thing about Maine granite, hand laid slate slabs stacked and patterned is it lasts.

Long long after you and I are gone. Six feet under and have left the Earth. And the older you get, the fun and games of replacing becomes old in repairs and renovations. Not just because of expense but we grow to like the surroundings pretty much the way they are with subtle updates, improvement. Comfortable in our space in the place called Maine.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker