Maine Is Outdoor Natural Music And The Tunes Your Family Home Is Filled With.
Maine Natural Music Outside, Inside Our Family Homes With Variety Of Tastes.

Grabbing a coffee this morning heading in from Drews Lake, Cameron’s Store owner Doug recalled the Cobras who played at the Cobra Club in Caribou Maine back in the early 1960’s.

The Leavitt Brothers from Oakfield were the heart and soul of the sound of the local musical band. He also recalled how gifted Richard Sullivan was with the guitar. How hearing a 45 rpm record of the Ventures he could by nightfall have the guitar rift down pat without any sheet music.

In my radio days, I remember helping set up for Walter Holmes and the Sunshine Boys (and one daughter too). Ralph Hall fiddled with the curled neck instrument. And lots of musical cronies crowded in to the studio for a mic check before the on air light lit.

My oldest brother Stephen played piano, sang lead in many bands over the years.

And was in the same 1964 Houlton High School graduating class as Richard and Doug. And it got me thinking of besides working in radio for nine years and that musical programming exposure, how each brother’s musical tastes contributed like my kids did with what filled their ipods to the mental jukebox inside my head.

Brother Stephen, ten years older introduced my to the Everly Brothers Phil and Don. To the grandfather of rock and roll Chuck Berry. To the killer, Jerry Lee Lewis along with Elvis, Little Eva, Sam Cooke, Chubby Checker, The Platters, Drifters and Fats Domino.

Next oldest brother Jonathan, class of 1967 was in to the Beach Boys, CCR, the Beatles.

And I can see him sitting in his backroom farm bedroom, bent over a guitar he was a novice at finding his way around on. But mastering chords, tempo and words of the Animal’s hit “House Of The Rising Sun”.

And then brother Brian, class of 1969 enters the front piano room where we all studied at the Maine farm.

Where during a good bonanza potato year, Mom and Dad bought a top of the line stereo at the time to sample Cream, Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young, the Rolling Stones, Kinks, Iron Butterfly, Traffic. Songs played also on the eight track in the new 1967 spring time yellow with black roof Mustang dropping me off to school.

My Dad played in a band, weilding the clarinet back when folks danced, did not park it on the couch. And zone out becoming detached in front of a television programming… even the commercials where no one talks. Or races for a 30 or 60 second snack. Mom filled the home with old fashioned piano gospel hymns, played the organ at church growing up. And “Up On The House Top Click Click” at Christmas on the ivories. My Aunt Ruth was a music teacher and drug me and my cousins to operettas, school concerts growing up too.

So now with XM, Sirius, ipods with four thousand song titles and the easy double click to find new bands to toe tap, hum along with, the sky is the limit on anyone’s musical repertoire.

Never one band for long but always new and different sought out, enjoyed, experienced to help ease on down the road of life. Electric Guest, This Head I Hold is kinda catchy.

Or Radio Head, Coldplay, maybe a little Suzanne Vega.

Music… feel, taste, hear, visually see it being presented so easily these days to help you through yours. Cherish the moments and remember Maine offers it’s own natural version, like its waterfront loon calls you can only experience outdoors in Vacationland.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker