You Can Not Be A Beacon If Your Light Does Not Shine...Start Broadcasting.
Simple Towers, Transmitting From The Heart Means You Don't Need Eiffel Tower Fancy Broadcasting.

The phone ringing at a high school small town Maine radio station job.

Spinning records on the Saturday Night Country Jamboree shift and requests for Donna Fargo’s “You Can’t Be A Beacon If Your Light Don’t Shine”.

Everyone, you and me included has a purpose in life to help others along the way. To help unlock mysteries and support each other. No one is an island, no one is truely alone.

Are you self contained, wrapped tightly needing no ones help or not able to reach out, not available to assist someone else?

Is your antenna out behind the dog house, parked in back of the studios standing skyward straight? Secured by guy wires, monitored daily to make sure the brightly fresh red and white drying paint, the FAA approved lighting operational to not hurt anyone happening to fly by? It is all about working harder on relationships in life… reaching out to others, not just taking care of you, me alone.

And knowing the higher the antenna, tower the less energy, effort needed to help more people. To always being mindful to not knowingly rub people the wrong way or cause any disharmony if you can help it. And to be a vessel so full of inner joy, peace, understanding that a bump, nudge is okay. A little spills out. No big deal if someone runs, piles, even tears in to you. Even if barbed, hurtful. Take time to find out why. And don’t take it personally. Or do take ownership if you are responsible because it always takes two for the good, bad, ugly.

Be an aid, helpful, available when others around you need a friend.

Someone to lean on. Be quick to forgive because it is a two way street and you and I need plenty in return on lots of offenses. That bog us down. Throws us in to permanent park postion. Placing us dead in the water, in our tracks in the breakdown lane of one very short life if we don’t get skilled at giving, receiving forgivness. With an little seasoning of mercy on the side to round out the forgetting a trespass.

To have your signal reach further in to cars, homes, businesses, camps out in the hinterland. To places depending on the signal, message that is from your heart. Spreading the news, weather, entertainment and a form of companionship. But not for a series of advertisers in spot clusters inbetween song and information segments. Working as a servant instead for one higher power only. Exclusive sponsor of your life.

Like prayer, daily maintenance of your broadcast facilities, the tower, transmitter monitored without ceasing. To keep the signal beaming, shining, reaching out. Not to impress, not to annoy, but just offering whatever can be gleaned from anyone picking up the signal. Life’s balancing act to meet the needs of so many around you. To live up to the expectations of society, others, yourself means easy does it.

Do the best you can but make sure to spend lots of time on your knees.

Be willing to ask for help, to offer it just as readily with a kinder, gentler heart to know we need each other to improve. To polish our imperfections after one by one they are identified, inventoried and addressed daily with the help of others. True friends can hit you with the truth if you open your heart, ears, eyes and trust. If you are willing to tune in not out.

Pointed skyward and radiating the joy you and I are supposed to be filled with inside is what your beacon is supposed to be offering others. The assigned frequency from one three letter authortiy FCC like our purpose, talents, skill set and “shape” as defined by a different set of triple letters “GOD”. Grateful and spreading the good news to stay on the air at full power. Not for ratings, large numbers but just to help row the boat, pitch in, make a difference in small ways without lots of fanfare, attention to yourself.

Despite setbacks from lightning, thunderstorms in life when protecting the transmitter, tower means reduction to a lower power.

There are times when you have to crawl, get knocked down and have to learn how to walk, run all over again. But changed in a good way. Not understanding during the transition what is ahead but the weaker you get the stronger your faith becomes. And stays. As you give up the controls, lean back and trust because there is no other way to lead your life. To teach your kids, grandchildren that are modeling their behavior, thoughts around yours. Let go, surrender.

Study of the plate current amperage, voltage of the final stage in the transmitter from pre set tolerances provided by the manufacturer with three hour clipboard meter readings taken, monitored. Much like vigilante, round the clock care and attention that we all need to work on to protect, build and improve our character with guidance from our creator. And your beacon does not have to be Eiffel Tower broadcast fancy either.

You and I learn more from the man and woman on the street, your neighbor next door, brothers and sisters in faith about setbacks, successes.

Nothing against paid professionals taught to sheperd with a sheep skin but others around us. Testimonials about what Jane and Joe, Ken and Barbie did right, wrong. Lessons they dare to open up and share. So all can benefit from. To not keep making the same blind mistakes or hurting others you love in anyway.

These Me In Maine blog posts are a humble, meek and humility approach to life from one individual some kind of excited to live, raise a family in Vacationland. I don’t think I could examine my life, the inside of my heart and improve, change or add to what’s needed living in a hustle bustle urban area outside of Maine. If you are country mouse simple too or strive to be, watch the fire in your belly grow, increase by spending more time in Maine. Maine, small town proud, down to Earth. Come for a day, stay a lifetime. Find your space, your place in Maine, the way life should be. Start really living.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker