Reading History Of The Titanic Wreck 100 Years Ago April 15th 1912.
The Loss Of Life At Sea During The Titanic Wreck April 15th, 1912 Is Witnessed At Fairlawn Cemetery Where 315 Graves Lay Witness To The Maritime Tragedy.

The wreck of the Titanic on her maiden voyage marks it’s hundredth anniversary this April 15th.

When our oldest son Alex was selecting a college we went to Halifax Nova Scotia and during the visit to the Dalhousie campus we took a little diversion to Fairlawn Cemetery. Seeing the rows and rows of graves from the Titanic wreck was an experience where no one talked.

Reading inscriptions, considering the event and what if you were on the boat or had losted loved ones that were on board the luxury liner’s maiden voyage all roll around inside your head. The tour of the graves from the Titanic wreck was eerie. It hit me the same way touring the Arizona Pearl Harbor memorial with my wife and kids in Hawaii. No discussion, no chatter, no talking as it strikes you deeply inside.

Cause for pause to consider the great cruise ship Titanic tragedy that ripped it open like a can opener after grazing, scraping, striking an iceberg.

Then quickly dispatched, sent, sunk to the bottom of the cold salty sea watery grave about 700 miles off Halifax. It makes you think of the chain of events, what it was like to hear the news back in 1912. Being in Maine, living this close to Canada, being related to many in the neighboring province makes the event a little more personal.

The images from the Titanic graves make you realize the great human loss, to consider how it must have affected a family just like news of a war casualty would. When the war department representative knocked on your front door.

Removed his military hat with respect, dignity and regrettably announced, delivered the news of the loss. As the Mom, Dad, sister or brother’s knees buckled, the wind got sucked out of them like a life sucker punch. We all do not know how grateful we should be, how lucky most of us truely are.

Been on a number of vacation sea cruises and looking forward to the next one if I can find a travel partner but have never plyed the water where icebergs were visible or the norm.

And during the muster drill by the lifeboats, after seeing those Titanic graves, over 300 of them, I think about the importance of enough lifeboats.

How the wreck caused tighter regulations for safety, to save lives if an accident happened. To limit loss of life during the peril as momentous in maritime history as the wreck of the Titanic. After a hockey game in Nackawic, I took the kids a little further south to Fredricton Canada to watch the intial showing of the Titanic movie.

The latest James Cameron Titanic movie, who by the way is a noted Canadian film director, reated one heck of a love story. A short term relationship but a once in a life time powerful connection any of us would cherish, respect. I know that deep, sacred feeling and am recovering from the loss of that kind of supernatural love.

The Titanic news is back in the press as the 100th anniversary of the wreck that fascinates and haunts many is etched in their memories. Bringing up a sea of emotions, feelings and powerful and at the same time unsettling thoughts, mixed reactions. How many times have you watched the Titanic movie?

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