Being Part Of A Family, Folks Who Care About You, Not Your Wordly Possessions.
Reaching Out, Learning You Are Part Of A Family, The Bigger Picture Is One Key To Happiness.

We live in a world of enhancements, quick fix solutions to whatever we think is missing in our life.

Or what we think will improve it. Presentation is everything. Looking good has overtaken doing good for many. Somewhere along the way the media, society, our self centered egos have planted the notion in our noggins that non stop personal happiness, gaining attention of others is to be sought at all cost.

That it is all about you, me. Number one basking in the heat of a for all to see, appreciate spotlight. And like gluttons with a “beat the buffet” attitude, we plunder, collect material shiny bling bling stuff, awards, merit badges, things thinking that the world needs to know our success. That all by our lonesome we earned it on our own.

But the reality of it all is you can not buy happiness. And it is not about being happy as much as being holy. Relationships are the most important goal, desire, what to seek. With God, with others. We should not ever get comfortable, we should not think relationships are going to be easy. They don’t just fall in to place. They are not for sissies, not for the lazy. Don’t expect the other person in it to do all the work. What is the reward in that for you or them?

Folks that work daily, get on their knees and open their hearts for God’s direction are not so popular with others who don’t.

A tightening up when the creator’s name comes up works against the belief that it is you who do good work. That some how you are in charge, get all the credit. And many don’t want to, think they need to be held to a higher standard. They practice, waffle between situational ethics that C.S. Lewis expounds on.

Happiness, success is not about wealth, vanity, pride, personal accomplishments.

Not the latest model this or that. It does not last, fades, is artificial. And beauty is not an external painted face, jewels, designer clothes, obscene bloated bank accounts, imported spots car, race horses or yachts. Not gained from fine things or experiences that cause feelings of hapiness. But radiates instead from the inner most places in a person that few get to see, are allowed to share and visit.

The heart, soul, thoughts of a person can be dull on the surface only or drop dead simply gorgeous.

The attractiveness of a person should not revolve, center around the enhancements, trappings worn in public or showcased to make you look better than others around you. Or who you are paired with. It is rock solid based on trust, confidence in God, not in ourselves.

Kindness, a smile, not being in a hurry, taking a person’s hand, a tender kiss, tucked away handwritten note left to find with a message only the recipient would understand. Genuine, down to earth tenderness, sensitivity, helpful gestures where the reward is greater for the giver than recipient helps establish a private happiness, contentment, joy, inner peace. And only the two of your know the chain of events. Not grandstanded, promoted, bragged up for any public relations move to convince others you are one outstanding person.

Our relationships, the depth, strength and committment to them is the real wealth in our life.

Love demonstrated and shared between two hearts, souls with both partners with their eyes on God to maintain, guide that relationship is the most important gift you can show, demonstrate to others. Especially your kids.

Thinking our success in life somehow is due solely to just our own sweat, tears, perseverance. Or that it just happens, is expected and somehow we are the privledged few is pride, vanity that will cause a stumble. And the sooner you know this adversity, set back in life, become broken, heart ripped wide open, the earlier you can begin corrections. And those around you will benefit from a new and improved you. That is more fun, healthier to be around.

Having a high self image, opinion of yourself is a dangerous plank to walk.

Maine is a good place to come down off that high horse. To get your head out of the clouds, to fall to Earth where you can hear God’s whisper that becomes a crystal clear when parked next to the stilled waters of a Maine lake. The oceanfront by a lighthouse, flowing river flowage.

If you are looking, searching for greater inner peace, answers to the direction of your life that may have been “back burnered” due to busyness. Or just have not allocated enough time to dedicate to your relationships in life, Maine is your destination. Come for a day, stay a life time. I find I do my best thinking alone on a Maine lake, a healing place.

Get the answers you need in a simple, stunning unspoiled four season Maine surroundings. Surrender is not a bad word or may be the healthiest option, your only choice and Maine is the state to decide to do it. Maine is more than a quick, easy good fleeting feeling of happiness. She grabs your heart, never lets go in a good way and is better than the real thing. And you come out the other side a better person.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker