Clean living, a simple honest approach to life is what Maine is all about.

New Animals, Plowed Empty Fields To Plant With A Sense Of Hope, Promise Means Spring Is Here.
Spring Time Hope Of New Births, New Fresh Beginnings, Chances To Plant Maine Crops Again.
Not flashy, not presumptuous or pedantic but down to earth, family and God based. The clutter of material items to impress is not the way a true Mainer rolls. Going head over heels in debt and spending way way beyond what a person can even begin to think of repaying in their lifetime is not the Maine tradition.

Frugal, not cheap. Generous to worthwhile local causes, supporting the local church parish and creating low or no cost recreational amusement the norm. We are lucky to live in the state the license plates proclaim is “Vacationland”. Our fun is in our own backyard. Only a gallon or two of gas and a picnic basket of home made food delicacies away. Any time no one is looking. And we can sneak away to enjoy the wide open, natural outdoors Maine is famous for around the world.

With the Maine four season beauty everywhere you turn it is not hard to be continually reminded what we believe in.

The feeling that fills your heart, mind and soul as you peer, gaze out over the unspoiled landscape, the waterfront in Maine makes you feel close to God, our creator. We are reminded daily, continually of what we believe in. It surrounds us, is unavoidable.

Mainers have their heads screwed on straight, are hard working, their feet planted firmly on the ground under them. We try to keep a child’s heart with a grown up’s head. We occasionally stumble but persevere to do our best to lead a Christian life. We realize others are doing the best they can and cut them some slack, because we have been in positions when grace was extended to us.

We practice the art of forgiveness because we need to grant it, have it extended in return as we spend a lifetime seeking to improve ourselves.

Struggling with the generational burdens we inherit and the baggage we develop, take full credit for on our very own. And knowing our neighbor down the road does not judge us but is Johnny on the spot if we need help. That we could get the sharp elbow in the ribs to get over there to let him know you care. That you are there round the clock to give assistance in any shape or form if needed.

In small Maine towns, and most of them are, there is a connection. A strong sense of all the local members of a community having a unique role to fulfill. There are only so many of us so if we don’t band together, we die on the vine. Everything is home grown, volunteer not store bought.

The option of hiring it done, bidding it out for a commercial operation to do the heavy lifting of local events is not going to happen. Not in the cards, not in the budget. And what would be the fun in missing the involvement of your friends, family, neighbors to make the event special, memorable. A tradition to carry on year after year.

I think Mainers are more involved in their families, communities, schools, churches and civic groups.

We have a keener sense of what life is all about, where the priorities should be. We build in to our waking hours time to get our hearts and minds ready for the day. And through out that day count our blessings, work at finding joy, areas of our life to be grateful and appreciative. An always seeking an inner peace. The secret to a happier life.

We try not to take the credit for successes. Are not all that wild about compliments, or being made a big deal, fussed over. Just doing out part to contribute to the greater good without the need to be in the spotlight or get credit for our role in making the local area a better place to live, work and play.

If this is the approach to living you could warm up to, seriously consider making the move, relocation, retirement to Maine. I know a good Maine real estate broker who can help with the ins, outs, details. (Smile) Maine, get here quick as you can.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker