You wake at 4:30 AM, need to get to the barn to start your day haying, graining, watering, cleaning out the cattle, small animal pens.

Happy, Industrious, Maine Kids Learn Work Ethic.
One Potato Two Potato Three Potato...Four.
Then sit down to a big breakfast before finishing fixing the power take off on the farm tractor you need to run the post hole digger. The one needed to create the extra ten acre pasture that needs fencing so you can rotate the feed plots. To give the primary pasture a break to recharge, grow as your herd increases.

You, your wife, kids are partners with true division of the Maine farm labor.

She and your youngest child collect eggs for resale at the Maine farmer’s market in town. You and the oldest child spend a lot of time together working, talking on the farm chores when he is not in school.

Maine Farmers Market Video

Next winter’s wood is being processed now so it will be dry, stacked, and not green. Or loaded with creosote which could cause chimney fires in the kitchen cook stove or in the cellar furnace. The day to day on a Maine farm is varied, interesting, never the same ole same ole. You are in the best physical shape in your life. You can see what you did today and enjoy the empowerment, hands on activities.

You get to see your family a lot through out the day on a Maine farm.

It is not a case of Mom and Dad race out the door early and come home late. Not a case of latch key kids alone most of the childhood. Or wisked off to day care by individuals outside the home.

You help the Maine farmer next door and can expect the same in return.

The weather is not always your friend but you make it work around the reports you have to make the best of things. You are grateful for all your have. Don’t lament what you do not. You’ve become a better carpenter, mechanic.

You have extreme patience, are good at shopping for the best deal. Money is precious, hard earned and never wasted. You are willing to learn how to fix things yourself. Go on line and read books and are not afraid to ask others for guidance to run the Maine farm. Thinking we just described the life you want to lead full time, part time, on a Maine hobby farm? Check the selection, ask some questions. Call, click, come visit us!

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker