Peace is a calmness in your heart, your soul, your life.

Outdoor Simple Living, That Is Maine.
The Sizzle Of The Steak, Enjoy Life More In Maine.
And like scales perfectly balanced, our own personal habits of moderation to maintain that peace require effort. Situations arrive right on schedule in our lives that can challenge as the Eagle’s rock band crooned your inner “peaceful, easy feeling.”

Maine offers the peaceful backdrop setting to arrive at peace in your day to day.

Because Vacationland is not over crowded. Too many people jammed in a small space causes big problems. Pressures, added stresses from the pushing and shoving to achieve your own special place in the sun. Everyone needs space to create peace. Maine has that wide open, four season elbow room plus 2500 lakes to add magic to the foundation for that peace to happen.

The more trees and wildlife than people natural surroundings in Maine are real, pure, natural. And this is the healthy place you need to be in to recharge, revive, renew your inner spirit of peace. To relax next to a Maine lake in a deck chair on a long dock or paddle a kayak slowly around it gives you perspective. You can think because there are not a million people rushing, dashing, anxious for this or that to happen. With chop chop drive through, speed of thought quickness expectation.

Living in Maine full time and not just lucky to get a week’s vacation of her each year if everything goes as planned out of state can spoil you.

No need to drive hours and hours to get here. Natives tap in to outdoors all four seasons. To gaze out over the expanse of rolling farm fields, pastures studded with different color horses, cows, small animals. To be hill top in hiking boots or with snow skis strapped on provides you with a commanding view, vista of your surroundings. This is the training grounds for understanding life. Yourself and other people in it.

Being able to detach, let go, trust in the creator of this wonderous beauty radiates from the drop dead gorgeous Maine landscape. Removing the anxious pit of your stomach fears, doubts, feelings that something has been missing in your life. And it becomes crystal clear what needs rearranging. Given more or less priority to achieve peace.

To gain understanding on how to lead you day to day. To check in and take inventory of the balance of your life. Where that peaceful state radiates from if you cherish it, preserve it. This peace, understanding helps trigger a stop to worrying. You know the head spinning, waking up from a restless night of sleeping and the tossing, turning kind. Thinking about something over and over again but not resolving the situation. Or mixed with a pinch of self doubt, guilt seasoning. Keeping you uptight, anxious, wandering around lost and not arriving at a solution to your problems.

The cherry on top of Maine being the place to find balance in your life that leads to peace, greater patience and understanding is you can own a piece of it very cheaply.

You also don’t need a large property either. One acre of Maine land is plenty to park, camp out on and then venture forth to explore, discover all the Pine tree state offers.

Slow Down, Don’t Worry So Much, Spend More Time In Maine Video

And the people that live here are the down to earth kind. Anxious to help, considerate of others and respectful. Getting high marks in the family and work ethic test scores. There is a sense of community, a connection of caring and sharing when you are lucky enough to live in Maine. The small town bean suppers, pronouced “sup-PAHS” in Downeast Maine, provide plenty of social interaction.

So does cheering on, encouraging little league players racing around the ball diamond as sunset approaches on a Maine summer evening.

Gathering at the local ice cream dairy bar win or lose as a team to celebrate. Maybe lick their wounds. Or being at Church to celebrate a baptism, wedding, or offer condolences in time of need at a funeral.

Maine living is simple, the people are not. Money does not fund the most valuable things in our life. Relationships with others that are healthy, two way make us blessed to live up here in the upper right hand corner of the state. Where with eleven people per square mile, you can live day to day maintaining your peace, developing patience and gaining a wealth of understanding.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker