Maine is not overcrowded with wall to wall population.

Forgiveness When You Are Wrong, Keeping Resentment From Spoiling Another Maine Day.
The Day Ends The Way Your Thoughts Allow| Enjoy More Maine Sunsets.
We are a people not simple minded but trying to live a simple uncomplicated existence. In Southern portions of Vacationland, the area density is 44 people per mile. In Northern Maine where I hail from, that same square 208′ by 208′ of land has an eleven souls populating it on average.

Outdoor natural four season events means filling your lungs with fresh air. A serious work out through your legs, hands, core with work on the farm, in the woods. Or just when having fun with a variety of no or low cost recreational options. So how does this tie in to the Me In Maine blog post title? The one that got you in here, looking for insight? Lots.

We love to know we are not alone.

It is a basic tenement of relationships. Lonely is a soul without a mate. And in Maine, with just a tad over a million people in the entire Pine Tree state, we need each other more. Reaching out, learning how to appreciate others. And working hard inside to offer forgiveness when rubbed the wrong way. Being grateful for the unspoiled drop dead gorgeous surroundings that we enjoy year round. Not just one week a year with a trip to Vacationland for a lobster, munching on fresh blueberry pie. To see a Maine moose, lighthouse or whale. To hike Mt Katahdin or Cadillac Mountain.

When you are happy, which is an inside job, starting with you, it makes less stress on whatever is happening outside, in your surroundings.

If where you live is less populated, lacking crime, traffic, noise, hub bub or high costs to live there, score one for the happiness platform to build on. As you count your blessings morning, noon and night. My Mom taught me loud and clear that “gratitude is riches”. And all about rolling up your sleeves to combat “stinking thinking”.

It is easy to build up, hold resentment for others that make mistakes. Or that are just being a work in progress that you stumble in to, or over. Who we need forgiveness extended back and forth to grow, mature. Because we screw up the same way in reverse. Anyone that does not think they do, and is waiting for the rest of the heathens to catch up needs to be humbled. And will be. Often until they learn, accept that their lofty ideals they hold others’ “feet to the fire” to apply to them too. God leads people into our lives. One forgives to the degree that one loves is to be remembered on a daily, hourly, minute by minute basis.

Forgiveness saves the expense of anger, the cost of hatred, and the waste of spirit I was taught growing up.

I know the concept but it does not mean I will have the skills to do it on a regular basis with flawless proficiency. Because I am far from and never will be perfect. In anyone’s eyes, including my own. But acceptance of your inventory of where you need work, blended with where you do shine and have life merit badges to prove it means day to day dedication.

Your expectations that the other person apologize or change taints the forgiveness process severely. It is a band aid on a gunshot would. Fooling yourself merry go round exercise. Stripping away self importance, filling up with a healthy dose of humility happens when you accept the people and situations that bother you the most. In its own way and time, life feeds back the truth so your perspective can change if you stay flexible. Open minded. Which all ties in to another of my Mom’s teachings, scripture quote reached for often, leaned on heavily. “Know the truth and it shall set you free”. Travel lighter. Lighten your load.

It is far cheaper to pardon than resent.

And forgiveness, fully extended to others because until you do it holds you a deep dark prison captive. Handcuffed to the person, situation, event with shackles of sharp barbed wire that cut like black shards of jagged, uneven glass. Anger, pain, hurt rob your energy. Can keep you from true love, peace and understanding. Drop it, don’t hold on to it.

Forgetfullness is a dear friend, close companion of forgiveness too. Or should be. Because to say you forgive without forgetting means you have not forgiven. We all have hurts, what I call purple spots on our hearts from life’s sudden shifts, setbacks, reversals. But you don’t sort through, remove or understand the why without a close friend, a lover, a mate who helps define you. And you them. It’s a journey meant to be on holding hands.

Maine, you can learn so much about yourself, life climbing, hiking up one of our mountains. Looking out over from the top to enjoy the view and gain perspective of the bigger picture. And then skiing down the other side of that hill top to begin again. Only to return for the natural healing Maine’s unspoiled, wide open setting can provide like no other spot on Earth.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker