Being raised in a smaller, rural state like Maine has lots of advantages.

Many, Not A Few Make A Maine Town Shine, Proud, Memorable.
Everyone's In The Maine Small Town Parade.
Besides the rock bound Maine coastal way of life, the mountainous sections of Vacationland, many areas rely on woods and agriculture production. Two industries that are pretty essential and age old. That have both become highly technical like most things in today’s hurry up, faster, drive through life blur or race.

And many in today’s society besides wanting it not now, but right now expect the cherry on top.

Every time, likes its a given, expected, “owed”. To have desert before working for the meal. In large part because they somehow have come to expect the best without a huge supreme effort. Without the hard work, sacrifice and patience learned if you are not born flush with cash. If stacks and stacks of dead presidents do not fuel your lifestyle day to day. The expectations from situations, from others is more realistic, honest, down to earth. Not so spoiled child like.

The difference in a rural state like Maine is in the ratio of lifestyles. The mix is a little different.

Our way of life is simple, the people are not.

Mainers are survivors. Prepare for hard times, expect them. But are grateful for sunny days, periods in their life when everything goes right. And suddenly quick to rationalize when the going gets tough. To convince themselves that when things are bad, it could always be worse.

That is not a defeatest attitude. More like a Rocky who may get knocked down. A lot. Hit hard and often. Like a boat off the coast of Maine being hit hammered by gale force winds. Dangerously close to rocks, shoals, shallow water, hazards. This Rocky from Maine, raised here in Vacationland does not stay on the boxing ring canvas floor. Gets up, keep fighting his way out of the roped in area, despite it all.

There is a little going without but getting so much more when you live in Maine. Much of what we don’t have on a daily basis you don’t need. Or it would cloud the fun of simple homemade experiences. More often than not happening outdoors, any season. Wildlife, waterfront, four season scenery are usually our “cherry on top”.

Maine, Whew. Relax, You Made It To ME Video.

Natural, real, honest and not spun or polished by a Madison Avenue advertising agency… that’s what Maine is.

And why she stands out so classy. The people work hard, not just for the pay check but because it reflects on them. And lazy is stealing, not pulling the oars in the community boat. Not putting your all in to the area you have fierce, protective pride for. Just like you do with any family member. You raise your kids to expect more from themselves, to dig deep and not just think someone else will always come to the rescue.

The folks in Maine are connected, you feel others in your area care and share in your highs and lows. They do. We make eye contact. We wave in Maine. The kids are raised by the village, not just the parents, relatives. Everyone in a small Maine town pitches in. Like the pot luck supper, having something they bring to the event that is good, sweet and from the heart special.

It’s not about “ME”, more about them, others. Because alone we can not accomplish much, if anything. And none of us in Maine in a small town can or should take all the credit. There are other crayons, colors in the box that add the splash, cause the spark, paint the picture of what it is like in that particular Maine town or region.

To appreciate Maine, you have to work hard for all she offers. It’s earned, not just handed over to you. A mind set that sure I could make more money heading to the city. But it would cost a lot, more than just money, on what it takes to live there. What it takes out of you. The biggest loss is the closeness, feeling others care, check in on you and you do the same with them. Bright lights, big city living has glitz and sparkle that come with a cost. That can not compare with Maine’s natural beauty that does not wear a price tag. She wears no make up, doesn’t need to and will grab you heart. And never let go.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker