The economy of Maine, any state is tied to income, small businesses making a profit.

Small Maine Business Creates Jobs, Not Government Institutions.
Buying Local Goods And Services Is A Start, Less Restrictive Government Helps Too.

So they can maintain, create new jobs, expand, weather challenging economic climates. Small business is the economic engine that drives the flow of money. If you restrict the operation of small businesses, the local, state and national economy suffer.

According to the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) fewer than 500 people are employed in 99 percent of all independent business operations.

And these small enterprises account for 52 percent of all U.S. workers, according to the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA). Small businesses can weather storms, belt tighten and don’t bleed as fast as slower to react giant corporations.

Government does not make, create jobs. Programs can exist to assist job training, expansion, cut through red tape regulations. But small business operators create the jobs, cause the employment. Take the risks, sign on the dotted line for mortgages. Pay the taxes the goods or services they provide are assessed. To start and continue, to grow and prosper, small business needs to be able to make a profit.

The profit a small business makes is often found in the expenses and careful spending. If attention to detail is ignored, if solid business practices are not in place, daily routines, making a profit becomes harder and harder. If government over regulates, over taxes, restricts and slows the operation of a small business, the economic engine for other societal programs drys up.

As you follow the news, pick up on messages, conversations around the social media circuit and among your peers, it seems there is a national taboo to business of any type making a profit. For a company or business to show earnings greater than expenses on the spread sheet. This Robin Hood thinking is forgetting where the local economy starts and ends. With small business, the economic engine to fund social programs and services.

America to me is a place where if your logic is sound, if you persevere, work hard, you get gain ground.

Get ahead. If you run an honest, service providing or a quality value rich product business that gains and retains a good reputation. Has an image of treating it employees, sub-contractors and customers fairly. All the time. Has something happened to this process?

They say spending someone else money is not so much fun when you run out. And like the little red hen who was laughed at, ridiculed, others watching her work not pitching in to help, the same routine could be developed if fewer and fewer businesses operate successfully in the this country, state, county, local community.

The thinking that no matter what, we are the greatest, most powerful nation in the world can cause a false sense of security and comfort. Hungrier countries with populations willing to work harder, for less money and with governments that support business, industry are a danger to our American economy.

On the local level, buying products, using services from providers that are your friends, family, neighbors just makes sense. Because if you don’t these local small businesses in Maine, anywhere will close their doors. Losing local jobs, the flow of dollars in to the local economy that support the schools, road maintenance, public safety and everything to do with the intrastructure of the small community.

Maine, simple living, four season beauty that’s drop dead gorgeous.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker