The approach of spring in Maine, one way you know beyond new buds on the hardwood trees is green
Nothing Like Getting Out On A Maine River, Stream For A Spring Canoe Race
Paddling Down A Maine River, Stream In Canoe, Kayak After A Long Winter

Lots of them that get dug out of garages, stuck overhead in carriage houses. Or phone calls made if the Maine river, pond or lake vessels were loaned out. And just not brought back to their rightful owner. You.

Spring canoe races for families and black belt kayakers alike to share the rising water caused by Maine winter snow run off. This year Maine has had a mild winter with less snow than normal to roll around, ski, snow sled and play on. But as the garden seed catalogs start rolling in from the postman on foot, thoughts of canoe paddling and drifting enter a Mainer’s head.

Or someone not so lucky to have to live down country outside of Maine.

But who plan their yearly pilgrimage. To strap on the canoe or kayak to their SUV or station wagon roof top. And skillfully slide it in to the current, to ply a bloated, spring Maine river or stream.

So this year, planning to add some spring water to your diet like the doctor suggested? Check out this Maine canoe and kayak racing link. And stay tuned for more about the Meduxnekeag River Canoe race in Houlton Maine. Watch a couple Meduxnekeag River race videos and plan to be in the event this year. Stay tuned for more on this race on this MeInMaine blog.

Maine River Canoe Kayak Race On The Meduxnekeag In Houlton ME Videos

Maine, check our her four season natural beauty any way any time you can.

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