Happy New Year Me In Maine blog post readers.

No doubt the ink is now dry on your list of resolutions for the new year.

Get More Than Your Appetite Satisfied At A Maine Baked Bean Supper.
Babe And I Are Wicked Hungry, Ready For A Maine Baked Bean Supper.
One of mine is attending more Maine baked bean suppers. Because that’s where you meet the real people of the Pine Tree State.

The food is stellar with the Maine cooks well skilled on making a meal to remember.

One you won’t leave the church basement, grange hall, local community community center hungry.

That will get you to the next meal when the triangle bell rings and its time to sit down to eat again.

The folks you dine with become quick friends.

The table conversation like an open town hall meeting.

Covering the state of affairs topics today in the small Maine town, in the country and world at large.

The logic, wisdom from the Maine folks passing the platters of red dye number three natural casing hot dogs, spooning out potato salad have thought about the discussions around table. Breaking the home made bread. Sharing the yellow eye, soldier, pea and jacob’s cattle beaked beans. Pick your favorite.

Maine is a rural state, with eleven people per square mile in the region I live in, Aroostook County.

The outdoor four seasons recreation, working in the woods and the farm fields works up an appetite. One that only a seasoned Maine cook at a bean supper truly understands.

The proceeds from the low cost Maine bean supper benefits a worthy cause. So its like triple gain. Your stomach’s red blinking “EMPTY” light goes off. You connect, rub shoulders with folks loaded with common sense. Sharing their life skills, a can do spirit. And the very economical price of admission goes to make the local community brighter, stronger. You feel good, fed in more than one way. Until the next supper you hear about while putting on your coat, heading for the jeep.

Protecting, preserving the Maine baked beans tradition, keeping it coming for the public supper small town forum year round experience.

Happy New Year.

What’s on your list of resolutions to enrich your life, to make each day count more fully?

Maine, one drop dead gorgeous state.

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I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker