When you grow up in the country of Aroostook County in the 1960’s, television is limited.

Smooth, Fluid, Rolling Side To Side Sliding Video For ME Real Estate Video
My Home Made Real Estate Video Mini Dolly
Three on air television channels, one cherry picker that can eeny, meeny, miny, moe from ABC, CBS, or NBC programs. Two Canadian signals. Public broadcasting made it four when it came on air.

So as a kid, going in town to my Aunt Hettie’s home on Franklin Avenue was a treat.

Exciting to see the NBC peacock come on cable television.

To remind you and me in the television audience that the follow program is brought to you in living color. Not black and white so hang on to your seats.

Today there are hundreds and hundreds of channel offerings. All programming fare just a wand controller away to view. With a tap of your finger to surf them. When I was a kid, lots and lots of television viewing was not the way I spent my Maine farm childhood. Where chores, jobs to help out were not in short supply. Filled the time pretty snugly.

Now I find myself more and more studying the way films, movies, television shows are put together. In college a degree in broadcasting, job in the Bangor Maine market helped hone the skills. And a double major with film study also starting the wonderment. The mechanics of how video and audio go together, are created helps me in my Maine real estate job. Videos for local area events, for individual property listings help buyers no matter where they are watching them.

The machinery to shoot the real estate videos sometimes home made, improvised.

Like this dolly for a slide shot of a kitchen’s granite counter top. Simple roller skate board wheel trucks attached to a piece of light weight aluminum with slots.

So the arch of the two axles can be controlled, adjusted to track. Swing around the counter. Or the dolly used on a slide to make it a smooth, fluid, continuous shot instead of a pan of the same scene. For an entirely different effect.

Maine Real Estate Video

Green screens, stage lights, sound boards, mics, jib cranes and updates to video camera, the software to edit the video loops. Part of my job to market the real estate listings using video. And to collect the Maine videos you might enjoy watching, listening to about the local area. Scope out our You Tube videos.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker