Maine, Point That Compass North.
Get Your Bearings Due North East, To Maine

Maine, so much to love, so much to share in a blog post about the state.

If you had never been to Maine, had not bumped in to many people that had either. That would be a lot of empty shelves in the mental library on the topic Maine. This blog post is to start filling those shelves, to build your knowledge base.

For starters, Maine climate, topography, weather. One big, varied state, so the Maine outdoor recreational options are vast, varied. Maine is divided in to eight tourism, camping regions.

Maine welcomes you whether you are after some of the 3500 miles of rock bound coastal islands, to see bobbing lobster, sailing boats or cruise ships.

Or to hike up Baxter State Park’s Mt Katahdin. Or to take a dip, wet your line, float your boat to sample a few of our 6000 beautiful lakes, rivers, streams and ponds. But remember, if you are coming to Maine, better learn how to wave, be friendly. Mainers are down to earth, hardworking, genuine, fiercely family, church and community centered. Maine people truely have their heads screwed on straight. Respect the natural beauty that Vacationland is blessed with all four seasons.

The beauty of Maine, photos play out like face cards when you are holding the right hand. This Maine farmer collecting antique farm tractor video shows you what drives us, how we are built.

And the fun in Maine is outdoors, any season.

Winter not a time to hibernate or park it on a couch, stay inside and waste any of it. Maine down hill, cross country skiing and snowmobiling are just a few winter recreation options.

Airports in Maine list. How ever you get here, from air, land, the sea, wandering in to the powerful State Of Maine website means you’ll come out way way more knowledgeable. Your idea of fun may be chasing a Maine golf course white ball at 130 link options. Or Maine snowsledding, maybe Maine skiing, or Maine whitewater boat rafting with a noisy load of wet family, friends.

Or if you settle down, buy a Maine farm land, you will want to tap in to the knowledge base at the MOFGA group. If hunting and fishing in Maine is the attraction, you won’t be disappointed either. Can’t go wrong hitting one of many Maine state fairs to really meet, talk with the people, to sample the many region’s local flavor, the infectious community spirit.

Did you know Maine has sixteen counties, seven million acres of forest and is 91% wooded?

Other Maine state statistics, information highlights. Did you realize Eastport Maine’s West Quoddy Head Lighthouse is the first place in the US to get splashed, hit with the nation’s morning sun? There are over 60 Maine lighthouses.

Did you know Maine’s Allagash Wilderness Waterway is 92 miles long? That you can take a open carriage horse ride around Acadia National Park in Bar Harbor Maine, the only National park in New England? Did you know approximately 40 million pounds of Maine lobsters (nearly 90 percent) supply the nation? Or that Aroostook County, the state’s largest is bigger than the combined size of Connecticut and Rhode Island combined?

Told you, warned you Me In Maine blog reader, follower that this was an oversized, big blog post jammed packed with information about Vacationland land. Thanks for stopping in!

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker