Maine, The Outdoors Is Where We Live, Play.
Family Fun Is Always Outdoors In Maine

You can not count all the options, choices for outdoor recreation in Maine using just the fingers on both hands.

When you live in Vacationland, or are lucky enough to be able to fit trips in to the Pine Tree State, some serious decision making has to happen. Like Disney Land or World with too many rides, too little time.

Today the oldest son is heading to Eastport Maine to get a chance to go lobster fishing off the rock bound coast.

lobstering in maine
The Only Fish Fresher Still Swimming In The Maine Sea. Lobstering, Your Supper Bought Right Off The Boat.

A friends brother is a true blue, real McCoy lobster fisherman and Alex is excited to be invited to come aboard the boat. Watch the operation and to pull up some lobster trap pots. Hopefully he brings back some images, experiences I can share, post about. And a few stray Maine lobsters to dine on.

I know he took some world famous Houlton Farms Dairy butter with him so dining on some of the green turn red when steamed Maine lobsters is in the plans for later today.

The other youngest son Elliot just left the yard with a pickup loaded with camping gear and three other friends. Heading for Baxter State Park and a outdoor Maine camping trip to Davis, Russell Pond.

When you live in Maine full time, when you have the chance to punch out from work. Then so many options right in the rural neighborhood to retreat to for fun and recreation. Unplug, recharge, get to Maine is my motto. So many of the land buyers we match property to make the purchase to explore and discover Northern Maine.

Love of outdoor camping in a place like Maine starts early with hiking, outdoor picnics, cooking.

Baxter State Park… Remote, Refreshing, Memory Making. Get To Maine. Hike Her Trails.

All four kids love the outdoors and have the healthy addiction to weave it in to their free time. That is why return trips to Davis, Russell Pond becomes a healthy habit, yearly event as many treks as can be fit, juggled in.

Start small with Horse Mountain, roughly 1400′ high. Then work your way up for the climbing ability of your size and age family. Bring the gorp, lots of water to stay hydrated. Sun screen or hat wear to shield the bright, hot sunlight UV ways overhead.

Feel the buzz inside from the outside eye candy. Get a work out from the effort putting one step at a time going higher and higher on a Maine hiking trail! Oh, and bring your camera.

Also looking for new images, local areas of attractive to highlight in our Maine blog.

Hope to get some more Baxter Park images and experiences to share with you on MeInMaine future blog posts. Wonder what the oldest daughter in New York City and youngest in Boston have in their plans today?

They are always connected mentally and in spirit. But bet they wish they were in Maine, along for one of the two adventures now underway by their younger brothers. Get to Maine the way life should be.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker