Think of your experience with Santa Claus over the years. You’ve had some pretty good toy loads, presents.

Then other years where you fell down miserably, messed up. But Christmas happened just the same, right on time, schedule. I’ve witnessed Santa’s I’ve met in person with various mood swings.

Usually jovial, looking like his blood pressure was way too high but a jolly sort really. Patient with the kids, a good listener, not afraid to give you a hug. But this year, on a surprise visit to Houlton Maine, Santa surprised me. He called a couple of kids out with the long and narrow of it. Santa let a kid know. Plain and simple. Hitting him with bold face truth that his annual review records showed that junior had been pretty rotten this year.

Not reminding the kid that he needs to try harder next year. Not tip toeing around the question of which book the kid’s name appeared in. Leaving no doubt that junior’s name was in the “not so nice”, actually down right “naughty” edition of the latest big red leather bound in his North Pole study.

Jimmy, roll the Santa Claus being a little short and sweet, curt video. Show the exchange with one Houlton Maine pair of kids thinking dancing sugar plums, lots of presents that may not happen this Christmas.

Santa’s Visit To Houlton Maine During Thanksgiving Rotary Auction Video

You better look out, better not pout, Santa Claus is coming to town. Hope he goes easy on the roof shingles and that the reindeer don’t start their clowning around, games on your house top like they did last Christmas. Happy Holidays from Maine.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker