Warm, Try, Inside During A Maine Storm
Maine Victorian Queen Anne Home In Houlton ME Hidden In Snow Flurries.

Simpler living in Maine means use the space you need.

But forget the McMansion thinking to impress or just because you can. Many Mainers on rural farms lived with three generations under one roof line. Families were closer because of it.

Everyone pitching in, working together for the common good. Spending time together because everyone lived together. Used the entire home from the summer kitchen for canning, preserving food from the farm.

The Maine home open porch for everything from Sunday naps, shelling fresh peas, sampling a fresh glass of squeezed lemonade.

Or apple cider without the preservatives from the orchard out back.

Now once the kids grow up, go off to set up shop in their own sticks and bricks in a different zip code, time zone, a down size transition may have crossed your mind. To make your your day to day living needs simpler. Healthier, easier, less wasteful to maintain.

Rather than shell out for the upkeep, utility needs of a big home for just a couple holiday dinners, sleep overs with returning adult kids, maybe you’ve thought about a smaller version Maine retirement home. To avoid large areas of your family home being vacant, unused the rest of the year in between visits from your issue. But could you live in 89 square feet, a tumbleweed tiny home? Or a yurt home, a goat skin vinyl covered tent like house?

Today in America, 1 in 5 homeowners owe more money than what their home is worth!

But also, 8 out of 10 people live in a more expensive, urban area too.

Digging deeper, going further in debt for homes, co ops, condos and estates with more zero places in the price tags hanging from them. Many desperate for the money, the up against it mortgage needed to secure to put a roof over their heads.

Read a blog comment from a west coast buyer in California who said he was slumming it home wise. Having allowed himself to buy a Mr Fix It, a Handyman Special for a mere $400,000. Had to smile, chuckle thinking of all the homes you could buy with chunk of change in rural Maine. Maine, a place you dream in blue and green. The fun is always outdoors any season and low or no cost.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker