Rolling, Playing In The Maine Snow. Lots Of Fresh Air Filling A Kid's Lungs.
Hey Dad, What's For Supper?

If you’ve followed some of the blog posts here on the Me In Maine platform, you don’t see the commercial pushing of new real estate listings.

It’s about being grateful to live in Maine. To raise a family here, enjoy the great outdoors and commune with nature. I have platforms, websites for Maine real estate. Or videos for Maine real estate. Other blogs about the technical aspects of Maine real estate and the job itself, property listings.

But why do I still list and sell Maine real estate since having my broker’s license from back in 1979? Because there is nothing like the honor of being called to help a family that is settling a Maine estate and needs to find a new buyer for their parent’s home. The place, house, home the Maine kids grew up in. Celebrated Christmas, Thanksgiving at. Other holidays.

Where the prom date waited nervously in the front living room for his date to come down the front staircase.

Where the winning baseball, basketball, hockey, soccer, cheerleading, whatever team had pizza parties to celebrate a victory. Or sleep overs in the Maine home or in a pitched back yard tent.

The Maine home with open porch summer talks with Grandparents now long gone. With a dog, cat, station wagon in the front yard. Baseball games in the back yard, neighbor’s kids sharing the place, invited over for supper. Back and forth. The kids spending just as much time down the street and growing up with others in the “hood”.

My job for over 31 years to help arrive at the realistic value of the Maine home, land, farm, waterfront, business, whatever property listing.

To create a short list of updates to maximize the marketing and shortening the time to get to the long Maine real estate closing table.

Or another aspect of the Maine real estate job as a broker, agency owner is to help a couple wanting a property on the waterfront. To help them find a Maine lake cottage for their kids to start traditions. And hopefully hang on to the place for years, generations to come.

To continue the same traditions, family reunions on the open deck over looking the Maine lake.

Teaching new members of the family how to water ski, fish, how to relax. Eating BBQ grilled food, home made potato salad, watermelon, ice cream with family. Sharing history, past events. Talking about characters in the Maine family.

Family is everything, the only thing when it all shakes down right?

I was a single full time Dad with four super kids. Two of each flavor. And through it all, listing, selling Maine real estate was a job I could fit in the rest of what I had to do. I was raised on a Maine potato farm and not afraid of hard word. This gig as a Maine real estate broker is not a 9 to 5 job. Working when others are available, nights, weekends. But you meet some really neat people. Learn a lot about life.

Traveling to and from Maine real estate listings with buyers from all over creations. Sellers, property owners just as diverse. Varied. Interesting. I get paid for this. Whoa. Am in the profession, the home town, state and place I need to be under the sun.

Thanks for following our Me In Maine blog posts. I’ll do my best to keep hunting, pecking electrons. To showcase the flavor of the unspoiled area, the neat people that are Maine. The hard working and family oriented in these small rural towns in a place called Vacationland. Maine, wake up and start dreaming in blue and green.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker