Yachts Like To Sail To Maine, Vacationland
Float Your Boat, Sail It To Maine

The Maine license plate has a reminder of what we are all about…. spelling it out “Vacationland”.

There is no wrong, bad season to vacation in Maine. In fact, the state of Maine is so large, the area terrain so varied that a person needs a number of years to sample ME.

To do it justice and quickly learn that lobster, lighthouses and sea coast are nice, but there is way way more to Maine.

It’s not just rock bound sections on the ocean in Maine where the vacationing tourist magnets are for about a 100 cruise ships a year that park, visit quaint harbor towns.

The real beauty of Maine is the vacations don’t have to empty both pockets, hi jack a person’s wallet. Our fun in Maine is low or no cost because it is natural, unspoiled. Providing an experience money can not buy. That man did not make to charge an admission fee to enjoy.

The phrase “camping in Maine” is a loaded three word expression.

Can mean cooking on fire, sleeping under the stars. Or a half million dollar land yatch trolling the highways, byways of the Pine Tree State. Or a custom made yacht bobbling off the Maine coast while a dingy of travelers row to shore.

Pick your outdoor recreational favorite for each season in Maine and pencil it in to your busy life for never fade memory moments. And don’t forget to bring your camera for shots of Maine, to magnet to the refrigerator. That cause smiles every time you see them. As a reminder you need to return over and over for more of Maine.

Make Maine your healthy habit whether snow skiing, snowsledding, fishing, hunting, boating or hiking, kayaking, white water rafting. Or just sitting on an open Maine camp, cottage deck gazing out over the waterfront enjoying the wildlife in a nature setting.

Maine grabs your heart. Gets in your system.

Starts a fire burning that will never go out. Because it is what you need, live for, long for. Being on top of Mt Katahdin and staring out over the land expanse makes you clear headed. Able to figure out what is important, where the life path to stay on is.

Life is not just black and white simple. Start dreaming in blue and green. Get to Maine. Add some Maine waterfront to your life diet, like your doctor ordered.

Plan a vacation to Maine and start the journey, discovery. And if you relocate, retire here in Maine, it is like being on vacation every day. Working or not because you are in a place that’s the way it should be everywhere. Come see what the Maine tourist vacation brochure left out, forgot to mention because it ran out of room.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker