Saturday Afternoon Bath Time For Mr Maine Moose.
Moose In Maine Further Up In Aroostook County Safe From Drunk Hunters.

Being a little higher up Interstate 95 in to Maine has some distinct advantages besides the crystal clean blue water, lush green forests that are off the beaten path.

It’s not over run, tramped too hard, spoiled here in Aroostook County. And the guy wearing orange and toting some heavy duty fire power in the back window rack of the pick up may not make it this far north. Not unless he is a pirate as a drinker.

As he slides that 30 pack of barley pop across the bench seat and hops in to his seven inch lift kitted pick up with the loud, smelly diesel engine. Leaving the bright lights, big city of Boston MA, Bean Town in his rear view west coast style mirrors for a long weekend.

The guy wearing the orange stocking cap who pops a top on his first cold beer on Highway 128 leaving Boston MA starts shooting cows, horses just North of Portland Maine.

He is here to hunt. And as he crosses the big green bridge with the blue sign saying Welcome to Maine, his excitement increases. Right along with his rate of beer consumption. (Burp, belch, swerve).

The plan to link up with other sporting buddies at a remote sporting camp in the willy wags of Maine. To peruse, sample the wildlife infested woods. In search of white tail deer, black bear, Maine moose and pheasants, grouse, partridge, woodcock, duck game birds. In season or not. To have some R and R time. Letting it all hang out, his hair down, doing damage to his liver with cranked up, increased pace over drinking. Maybe popping some pills or continuous smoking of those left handed cigarettes.

And hoping to come back to Boston MA with something big, four legged and dead in the back of that diesel pick up open bed.

To showcase in his neighborhood for all to ooh and ahh. Until the meat turns green, rancid, spoiled. Feeling like Rambo, even with an incredible hang over from the binge drinking up, during, returning from hunting in Maine.

Pleasure horse owners, dairy and beef cow owners around Lewiston Maine start spray painting animal designations on their livestock. “C-O-W” and “H-O-R-S-E” in red, orange letters on the sides of bovine, mares, geldings, stallions help the judgement and sight impaired pickup driver with the indentification of his next target. When his brain screams stop, lock and load, hurry, pull the trigger for some real shock and awe excitement of the hunt.

Cows, horses, small low to the ground farm critters are safe in Aroostook County from this “heater hunter” . The bleary eyed, needs to shave scruffy overweight guy with all the crushed PBR red, white and blue cans tossed, piled high on the truck passenger side floor. With his double barrel elephant rifle gun loaded like the driver. The safety off, ammo in the chamber and gun poked out and ready for anything that moves. Trolling out of the big knobby tire, high off the pavement pick up truck vent window.

Distance and kidney functions with an over load of alcohol intake are our Bambi’s best friends to assure survival for the rest of this day in Maine.

It’s hunting season in Maine, be careful out there. Watch out for the guys and gals wearing orange, that brings out the highlights in their hair. And in some cases, matches their bloodshot eyes from lack of any sleep over the last three days. And way way too much over drinking, consumption of the “recipe”, white lightning, alcohol.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker