SACAP Stands For Southern Aroostook Cultural Arts Program, Houlton Maine
Visit Visions Art Center, The New Moon, SACAP On Main Street Houlton Maine

SACAP Supporting the Arts in Southern Aroostook.

SACAP stands for the Southern Aroostook Cultural Arts Project. All ages of Northern Maine artisans contribute their talents and works to showcase the unique flavor of this part of Maine.

Often, out of state looking in to Maine can make a person think it is just lobsters, lighthouses, moose and collecting Vacationland tourist trinkets to take back home.

To really see, feel Maine, you need to head deeper inland. To really sample the unique small town spirit and pride.

SACAP, which houses the Visions Art Collection, and the Blue Moon Gallerythat sponsors a yearly spring student art show to showcase local young talent is a must stop if you find yourself lucky enough to live, or be passing through Houlton Maine. Discover Northern Maine.

Every year at the local Houlton Maine State Fair multi day celebration over the 4th of July, exhibits of local art work, all kinds and various media star this part of Vacationland.

Contact Visions Art Gallery, SACAP at 207-532-9119 for more information, upcoming events.

SACAP is located at 66 Main Street Houlton Maine 04730.

Plan your next vacation to Maine to be in Southern Aroostook’s County Seat for unforgetable experiences. To sample the local talent, meet the neat down to earth people who make the small rural communities around Houlton Maine extra special, memorable.

Maine, big state, less people, more blue and green dreaming goes on here. Get outdoors and sample the fun of nature unspoiled by man. Enjoy Maine wildlife infested woods, crystal clean water for all types of outdoor recreation. Any of the four seasons in Maine.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, REALTOR