Maine Humming Birds Take A Pit Stop For A Little Lunch.
Rare To See Them Parked, Their Wings Not At 8500 RPM.

Those two terms fishing and hunting in Maine are pretty loaded.

The pair do not define what the person doing each of their endeavors is after. In my job as a Maine real estate broker, often the buyer of a property listing is looking, hunting for a waterfront parcel. Fishing for a deal on that Maine land on a lake or river.

Not everyone shoots with a rifle, pistol, bow and arrow either. Photography of Maine places is pretty popular among folks that are elbow to elbow city dwellers who are thirsty, hungry for open spaces. Shooting landscapes of something with Maine water in the still image or video is a hobby of many crossing the state line in Eliot, Kittery.

And when you find a hunter of four legged game, he may have completely different desires, habits than the ones in orange going after birds, foul.

Or bear hunters with the dogs and radio collars are different cats than moose and deer hunters.

Or those crouching in a waterfront blind waiting for a bunch of ducks to decide to park it right by one of your floating decoys.

Same with the fishermen. Some have the 150 horsepower sparkle metal flake fast, sleek boats where you must need to troll at 60 and 70 miles an hour to catch certain fish species.

Or to hit an unmarked rock the locals knew all about that rips off the outdrive’s lower unit.

And those fisherman thrown from the boat in the impact make the front page of the Maine newspaper nearest the scene of the accident.

So hunting, fishing in Maine can mean many different things depending on what the individual is coming to Vacationland to do for outdoor recreation. The vacationer could be hunting for river rapids to shoot in a kayak. To wedge themselves between the side of a rubber raft and the thwart, grabbing the short security rope to hang on for dear life in the wildest part of the Kennebeck, Dead, Penobscot Rivers aboard a screaming crew of white water rafters.

When someone says Maine, what do you start hunting for, itching and fishing to tackle on your next trip to this state in the upper right hand corner of the nation?

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker