Maine Tractors Plowed, Tilled, Planted, Cultivated And Harvest The Crops.
Haying Operations In Maine Doe Around These Long Time Stalled Relic Farm Tractors.

Sounds like just a bunch of letters but mention old Maine farm tractor model numbers and many of us get excited.

Our ears perk. We stop to listen. To add our two cents to experiences with our favorite old Maine farm tractors. What’s the glamour of an older, slightly faded, tad rusted big wheeled Maine farm tractor that is an antique and used only in parades for some?

Many of us got exposed to time on that Maine farm tractor growing up.

Or working for a Maine farmer that had a few as we were kids earning money to help out at home. Or we had a Grandfather, Uncle Bob who owned a farm and had a machine shed full of tractors. Usually the same color, brand, make too. Loyalty of the machine you drive started long before Harley Davidson and Indian motorcycles.

Personally I am an International Harvester Farmall red kinda guy.

But green and yellow are the colors of many others. Or Ford blue (or gray, red in the case of the old 8N).

These iron horses, old Maine farm tractors are tempermental, quirky and getting parts is getting harder for some. Have a 1953 Super M International Tractor that is needing a valve job and a new fly wheel ring because of a missing tooth. And improvising around the Maine farm still happens with needed repairs. Finding someone to do them is getting harder as the mechanics that have the know how die off.

I was destined to not waste the sunshine of last Saturday afternoon and had bought a new fuel glass sediment bowl metal keeper with adjustment tightener.

Well the one they sent was for a Massey Harris farm tractor so now what.

. Too small. Tried to use part of the tightener on the basket wire to no avail with the good one I had. Nope. That’s not going to work.

Because the hay needs mowing, the project had been delayed a week for parts. And so I could put in a new tractor battery. It was just time. Past time because the weather was right. So locate a hose clamp hanging on the chicken house wall on a nail that will work just fine. The bowl is flat on the bottom, the screw of the hose clap makes it nice and snug as it tightens. No stripping.

So time on a tractor seat in a Maine farm field over last weekend sure has made around the buildings, the back field with the apple orchard look much better. Trim and tidy.

The sunset while the over head hawk circles, looks for scurrying 4 legged lunch morsels as field mice race in all directions.

Looking for new cover.

The moose on the edge of the woods just calmy watching me as I mow strips, study the distant hillsides. The same ones my Dad, brothers, Uncle Finley before all of us did working the soil, the Maine farm dirt. From the perspective of a Maine farm tractor seat.

I know exactly the love of old iron Maine farm tractors. And have had the question posed, how much would you sell the Super M for? Not for sale, older than I am and part of my childhood on a Maine farm. No hesitation, doubt about it. We spend a lot of time together on farm “projects”, the Divine Miss M farm tractor and I.

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