If You Never Down Hill Skiied, Snowmobiled, Ice Fished, Pond Hockey Games, Winter In Maine Could Be A Whole New Experience.
Maine, Four Seasons, Not Just Winter.

Lulled in to a false sense of “it’s like this in Maine everywhere else” happens.

When you are lucky enough to grow up in Maine, you can easily miss the difference of day to day here compared to somewhere else on the blue and green marble. What makes it so special to get more than a week’s vacation or two in Maine? You get to know the people who live here on a daily basis for starters.

The people of Maine are spread out. Elbow room times fifty.

Big state, less people, friendlier folks is what it all boils down to in Maine.

The locals have to work harder to make local community events happen when there are fewer in the ranks. But smaller groups are tighter, cozier, more connected. Everyone cares about each other and it truely is a case of “the village raises your kids”. The children are the fuel, spark from watching sporting events, local musicals, to families enjoying outdoor recreation together.

But besides the down to earth, God fearing, hard working locals of Maine, you have to give plenty of credit to Mother Nature. Her handiwork in creating Maine’s 2500 lakes, ponds, and only about another 1000 rivers and streams means natural clean water makes it a wet experience. Looking at it from a deck chair, out on it in a boat or swimming, wading and fly fishing in it. Plenty of water, less crowds of people here to keep you from enjoying it, getting close to it. That’s another secret of why Maine is special.

The four seasons gives variations on a theme, of what to do for fun, relxation in Maine.

Not one but four seasons. Never getting bored with one because before you know it, we’re in to a new one. You never get enough of one, your fill before the next one shows up right on schedule. What about the weather, climate, topography in Maine?

If you think Maine is the most fun in the dead of summer hiking up Mt Katahdin, taking a open horse carriage ride at Acadia National Park or whale watching on a boat ride off a harbor coastal town, you make valid points. But you did not see the other many facets of this diamond, gem called Maine. Missing out on a blaze of red, orange, yellow fall foiliage as you sneak in to Vacationland for a long weekend. Or putting on a pair of boards, hopping on a snowsled to explore the ski areas or the 3500 miles of Maine snowsled trails.

Enjoy the images, photos of Maine and start seeing yourself air brushed in to the scenery of Vacationland. Consider become part of the local landscape, the human fabric by investing in some seasonal or full time Maine property. See your life take on new meaning. A greater sense of purpose for what is real, special and no or low cost. Watch our Maine community local videos. Discover what it is really like here in Maine, meet some of the people at the home town events.

I’m Maine Real Estate Broker Andrew Mooers, ME REALTOR