Washington DC Has Many Neat Places To Eat, Dine.
Heading In For Some Luna Grill Food Out On The Terrace.

Folks on the road around Maine, around the nation enjoying high school and college graduations.

It’s that time of year again and just made a Jeep trip to Washington DC to watch oldest son, one of four children graduate from college.

Fun time to eat at Old Ebbitt Grill and Fogo De Chao. The first two down from the White House sperated by the US Tresury. The other a steakhouse from Brazil where table side carving of meats of all kinds happen. Had to waddle out of that last place. Nando’s with spicy chicken was hard to beat too. The Luna Grill and Diner was great food and atmosphere and a place my oldest daughter remembered eating at ten years ago when a page in Washington during high school. She was there when 911 hit and in the Library of Congress.

Three down, one to go on the college front. The youngest in Colorado Springs CO and has completed two years, half way through his college career.

It will be neat to have the two youngest, the boys, home for the summer in Maine.

Have lots of jobs around the Maine farm to tackle and hope for a sunny not rainy summer for lots of reasons.

It’s fun to visit Washington DC and see it through the eyes of your son who just finished 3.5 years of college schooling there. But boy is the open space of Maine some kind of neat to return to. And leaving humidity of the noisy city behind where you have to think about crime, lock everything up. It’s just too crowded, too many people.

Give me a Maine lake side gas grill with a sunset, loon singing and whatever you cook up for the family is A-OK in my book. Guess I am a personal fan of Maine, made with only the most natural, fresh ingredients.

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