Hero Likes The People Attention He Gets When Visiting Our Maine Real Estate Office.
You Made A Mistake On The Spelling Of Victorian Robin.

The owners of a cat in Amity Maine were moving to Florida.

The couple had tried for a long time to have their first child. And learned during the home sale that a stork was flying over head.

They were excited but worried at the same time. About what they heard on the grapevine. Read online about cat boxes causing problems with pregnant moms. Did not want to take any chances.

So Hero, their cat was not making the relocation trip to the Sunshine state.

Would never get to see Mickey and Minnie and their cartoon friends on the drop of a hat easy.

Photos Of Cat In Maine.
I Need A Nap, So Hurry It Up With The Photo Shoot. This Is My Best Profile, Side. Meow.

During the home listing, Hero followed me around the house as we “staged” it for images. And a video that we shoot, edit, render and upload to video platforms like youtube.

He was very personable, curious/ And during the home property listing on the kitchen table climbed in to my lap, was socialable.

So in addition to buying a big screen television set at the home moving sale and getting their home sold, I came away with a Sylvester looking one of a kind cat.

We had a kitten from the local Houlton Maine animal shelter, a gray tiger, a female. Hero, a neutered male fit right in.

Polite, cool, calm, collected. Letting her always eat first. Pretty laid back, chill. Not easily excited. Never neurotic like the little gray tiger can be.

He was able to get Allie to consider going outdoors.

She seems less nervous with him here and they do the things pairs of cats do. NASCAR races around the house, bath time. Power nap, sleeping in the sunniest places found and shared together.

Maine Is Animals, They Enchance Our Lives.
Herding Cats, In Maine Don’t Try To. They Run, Rule The Roost.

My neighbor calls him Steve.

Because she did not realize the new cat who arrived in the winter was ours.

So he was a double agent cat, with two dishes going and juggling two households.

I’ve blogged about Kim my neighbor before who is a girl scout den Mom and moves a lot of girl scout cookies. The yard is like LAX when spring distribution happens, with set times for parents and brownies to show up and get those addictive cookies. $40,000 worth of cookies are bought, sold in Houlton Maine!

Cats Earn Their Keep In Maine, On Farms, In Barns.
Hero Thinks “Wonder If He Has A Treat In His Pocket For Me?”
Hero has been to the Katahdin Bank next door a lot. He has been in their vault, and sneaks in with customers when the door opens to the bank. He comes in to our office and the kids of real estate buyers and sellers love him. He has it made. I am his third, but final forever home.

Today Hero decided to help my secretary Robin and found a place to hide and watch like cats do. They say you don’t own a cat, but that they have servants. Life would be very different without Hero and Allie around our house.

Cats, dogs, pets are part of the family.

Help adopt one needing a home. Especially if you know of an elderly person living alone. They won’t be anymore with a cat on board running the daily entertainment show. Ever notice how you talk to cats? Higher pitched baby talk voices. Giving them total attention when they want catnip, special snacks, a scratch where they can’t reach.

Another blog post about four cats that like to fly private jets to Maine.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers
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