Moose, Maine, The Only Thing Missing Is You.
Ahhhh That Feels So Good. My Hooves Are Killing Me.

Less traffic, more wildlife, that is part of what Maine is all about.

This big bull moose lives on a farm I own outside of Houlton Maine. I worry about him during hunting season but he has practiced the art of stealth non detection whenever all those folks wearing tacking blaze orange show up in the fall.

But he is not far from the US highway or Interstate 95. He would make the wrong kind of hood ornament if you met him at 55 miles per hour. All that weight and the dent would be more than one you pop out with holding your mouth right and using one hand with a litte pressure applied the right way.

You want to meet a Maine moose if you have not been to Maine before.

Everyone hopes to see one when they are in Vacationland.

Come see me, I know where one lives that would like to meet you too. Maine, all natural ingredients. The kind you do not find in a city, can not buy with all the money in the world. Get here quick as you can.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers