Camping In Maine, Simple Outdoor Recreation.
Camping In Maine, Getting Some Time Alone.

Maine, the recreation here is not like a man made Space Mountain, or anything resembling the Las Vegas strip.

It’s usually one of four colors. Blue, green, brown, white. During the fall foliage explosion of colors tons of reds, yellows, oranges too. Maybe the attraction to Maine it is real. All the wildlife, the simple, refreshing, spacious feeling all around you.

In a day and age where you wonder about what you read in the newspaper, hear on line, see on the tube all quoted as gospel. Where spin and marketing, advertising gets awards. Is an art form. The average Joe and Jane is being bombarded with signals, messages to buy this, try that and be all you can be.

So when a Maine lake is pictured or you watch a video clip with the morning steam rising off it with the sound of a loon in the distance, it gets your attention.

Especially as the sun comes up and a small motor boat droans, heads out in to the largest part of the waterfront.

The setting hits you deeply. Because it’s real, no paid actors, no special set built. Just Maine pure and simple. No one puts on airs, everyone is down to earth.

Maybe less people helps and makes those that are here in Maine more connected, special. You get to know the folks in a small Maine town working on church bean suppers, volunteering for local canoe races, coaching little league or a minor hockey team.

The distance away from large sprawling urban areas may also help insulate, protect, preserve Vacationland.

The folks that visit Maine are looking the abundance of four season outdoor recreation. Fewer, moit more people. They get enough up close and personal with all the people in traffic, gangs, the increasing crime.They need a week’s reprieve from all that. Need Maine for all it offers, her abundance of natural resources that is everywhere you look.

Here are some images of Maine. Some Maine local community videos. Follow our other Maine blogs. Check out the 2200 posts on Active Rain’s blog platform too. Get to know Maine up close and personal. Come walk the wood lots, sample the rock bound coast line, kayak a lake or river. Climb up a mountain or ski down one. Your heart has been here for a long long time if you are being honest right? Help the rest of your major body part catch up. Help them find their way to Maine.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers