Waiting For A Green Light, Checking Brakes.
The Coke Car In Lane Two.

The Maine Soap Box Derby State Race Is June 18th In Houlton ME, Aroostook County.

On a specially engineered hill, racers learn the effects of gravity in two lane races. After each initial phase of a heat, the same racers swap wheels, re-race in different lanes. The best over all time of the two runs moves on, on the heat brackets. Hopefully with a chance to represent Maine in the All American Soap Box Derby Race in Akron Ohio.

Now is the time for Maine kids 8 to 17 to sign up for the ME Soap Box Derby Race. Watch the video of the 15th soap box derby race in Houlton Maine. The race in Aroostook County, the “Crown of Maine”. Here are some images of the Maine Soap Box Derby Races. Lots of them at 30 frames per second with sound.

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