Hiking In Maine, Anything Outdoors Is Fun With Family.
Exploring, Teaching, Sharing With Kids What You Learned When You Were One In Maine.

With gardens, crops, the better the soil, the warmer the surroundings, the better the outcome.

Growing up in Maine is the same way. The kids learn responsibility, are part of a family, have a distinct role. Contributing to the the household day to day. Taught respect, being responsible.How to manage money, their time. Being self sufficient. Having a life with purpose. Contributing, volunteering in the local communities in Maine is all in the mix of growing up in the Pine Tree state.

I was lucky to have four kids and this is an image of Elizabeth Mooers, the oldest who loved to hike, be outdoors.

Being outdoors and not missing a trick with her brown eyes. Now she is in New York City, her younger sister Amanda lives in Boston. Both graduated from college in those cities where they now reside. The oldest son Alex is ready to graduate from college in Washington DC next month. The youngest son Elliot is close to finishing his second year in Colorado Springs. The two boys, youngest kids will be home in Houlton Maine this summer and I am looking for to their being home.

Family is everything.

Being in one, having one is the greatest institution, feeling there is. What makes it all worth while and where so much pleasure comes from over the years. Raise a family in Maine. Or at least plan to spend time here in Maine any season, anytime you can get away to Vacationland with yours kids, brothers, sisters parents and favorite aunts, uncles.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker