Maine Has Lots Of Spring/Summer Big Name Concert Acts Scheduled.
Music Soothes The Soul, Relaxes, Entertains, Makes You Smile, Hum, Sing.

There is nothing like attending a concert, seeing a big show when it comes to Maine to make you grin.

Here is a list of musical events, acts in Maine. The outdoor four season recreation is pretty special, filled with a backdrop of natural beauty. But the musical and theatrical performances in Maine are spectacular too.

I’m partial to the Maine state musical competitions with all the talent of Vacationland in one venue. Houlton Maine was a host two years running and I was lucky enough to help out as an MC for part of the performances. Here are some of the musical highlights of those performances.

Plan to take in a concert in Maine this spring and summer.

And if you are lucky enough to live here in Maine, become involved in the nearest local community chorus and band program.

Making music to listen to or for others enjoyment is one of the greatest pleasures and a healthy life habit. Come on, it’s summer in Houlton Maine and McGill’s Community Band is set up in the park, it’s must be thursday night. Music makes you hum, sing, tap your fingers, lift your toe and smile, feel good. Which concert are you chasing tickets for, excited about attending in Maine?

Music in Maine, sample some.

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