Home Is Where Your Heart Is, Grateful To Have A Home
Dinner Bell Ringing Loudly In This Maine Nest

Sunday in Maine is supposed to be set aside to count your blessings, relax with family, remove your nose from being pressed tightly to the grindstone.

To take a deep breath, reflect on how you are doing to be a better person helping others around you where you live. And thinking of those far far from where you lay your head down at night. Awareness. We all have room for improvement but most would get an “A” for trying. Our hearts in the right place with our daily efforts around the blue and green marble.

In Maine, there are many places that feel spiritual, special and where we gravitate to often to listen and learn. It is not just under a steeple, inside where pews are lined up like rows of Christian soldiers on Sundays. Or prayer meetings on Wednesday nights. Climbing Mount Katahdin with the kids, skiing down any size Maine mountain, can put you in that place. Heading out on to a bottle smooth, calm Maine lake at 5 AM in the morning as the sun comes up is another setting ripe for that same connection. So can watching Maine wildlife from lake loons to white tail deer and bald eagles soaring over head scanning for lunch below.

Working hard on a Maine farm to get the hay in before those black threatening clouds roll in, open up and ruin the cutting you just baled. Struggling with tractor problems, baler glitches. But then closing the barn doors tightly.

The Maine hay crop all in where it is nice and dry.

Safe and secure just as the hard, increasing force pelting rain drops violently begin the attack on the barn metal roof. Just in time. There is an awareness, a closeness to what matters and giving credit where it is due. To God and community, your parents who shaped you. And for just being in your special place on earth every day in a rural off the beaten path state like Maine. We all consider ourselves very fortunate, lucky, grateful to live in Maine. And we are. It is not like this every place.

Today’s sermon is about gratitude. Being grateful is being rich.

My Mom, Dad preached it often, reminding their four boys that gratitude is riches. It is a life long adapted, perfected habit or skill that no matter how bleak or dire, something good comes out at the end of the personal or family or community storm.

And when everything goes your way and you are singing inside, happy radiated so loudly everyone knows for miles around without you uttering a word, telling them, you don’t take personal credit. And are humbled, aware that life has twists and turns but this is one scenic turnout to enjoy, bask in, reflect over. Maine has lots of “scenic turn outs”. Internal and external “photo opportunities“.

Everything happening with casual speed is how most folks lives play out. All the events, one by one unfolding, arriving, playing out right on time. The way they are suppose to day in and day out. If you are lucky to have been blessed with kids, live in a state and town that gives you a sense of purpose, you are fortunate. It is not about you, it is about others and being grateful for all you do have. I am a personal fan of Maine and love where I live. I think you would be happy here too. Here are some options on breaking off a chunk of Maine for your own. Get here quick as you can.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker