Fresh Air, Happy Kids, Adults In Maine.
Winter, You Have To Roll, Play In The Snow.

When you are lucky enough to live in Maine, you have access to outdoor four season recreation second to none.

Living here in Vacationland means natives are spoiled. We get reminded everytime a new visitor lets us know it is not this way many places. Crime in Maine is the 4th lowest. Foreclosure, short sale and repossession (FSSR) is 46th lowest in Maine. So the recent voting of Maine as the number one most peaceful state did not surprise locals.

When you live in Maine, a local church bean supper is a big deal. You get to see folks you know, grew up with, went to school, work with and everyone is connected.

There is a strong sense of community in a small town in Maine.

Home grown volunteer efforts are visible loud and clear everywhere you look. Living lives of purpose and wanting to make a difference, help out. That is what Maine people are all about and family based, church oriented, God fearing along with that work ethic.

Not expecting a hand out, feeling grateful for all we do have. Not lamenting shiny material items we don’t need.

There is an attitude that if you don’t own money, have no debt, you are rich.

If you are grateful, happy, full of joy, you are rich. Mainers have a habit of no matter how tough the going gets to find the silver lining. To rationalize but this or that is something good that came out of it all. Or it could have been worse thinking.

Our living in Maine is simple, the people are pretty sharp and have it figured out. Heating with wood, saving money for rainy days, planting gardens and supporting local farmers. Putting a face to the food grown close to home, locally is important. Food is as addictive as air and water. Folks in Maine don’t need to be reminded of how to run the day to day. Maine, the state up here in the right hand corner of the country. Almost in Canada, discover ME.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker