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Maine Has Less Rough Edges In The Real Estate Market
Maine Is 46th Lowest For Foreclosure, Short Sale, Repossessions.
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Someone yesterday calling from Cape Cod MA about a small home with garage under $40,000 decides to jump in her Ford Transport and arrives at 5:30 to see it in person. Already did the video tour a number of times.

Today she puts the home under contract and heads home. While another man from New Mexico calls about a property, over an acre of ground, land in Maine for under $4000. Wants a low cost, cheap piece of Maine land for a camper, fifth wheeler use.

Phone rings from second call with a real estate buyer from Ohio that grows peppers. All colors of them in a large farm and is hunting for Maine land to grow more vegetables. Tells me they have 400% the calcium of milk. Never heard of purple peppers and have seen the green, red, orange, yellow ones having grown many on the Maine farm growing up.

After his call, a local farmer who rents ground I own is looking for a warehouse for equipment. Have listed an older 1974 potato house for sale in Smyrna Maine that could do the trick. So give him the propaganda for his wife, boys to look over.

Calls, letters, emails, visits to the Maine real estate office keep it always exciting. Cash buyer on a Court Street home faxed back a contract while another home on the same street goes under contact. The second one for parents wanting to rent a home they buy to rent to their daughter. To get her out of the rent rut and to provide more space for those grandchildren. To eventually deed over as long as she makes the payments, runs a tight ship.

So when you read about 60% of the problems in four states where foreclosures, real estate short sales and repossessions are happening, you can get a little blood boiling.

Because Maine is 46th lowest for FSSR (foreclosure, short sale, repossession).

Our properties are so much cheaper, easy to own. And you won’t have a mortgage for long or at all.

Don’t like it when the media tries to “one size fits all the real estate market”.

No spikes up and down, no bubble that bursts because we don’t over spend, don’t put ourselves in financial box canyons.

Maybe we just live simpler. Without a need for money to impress. Or for “retail therapy” to make ourselves feel better with plastic cards and hearing cash registers rings. The best things are free. Aready in Maine all around us in four season Vacationland. If you are after simple, easy, friendly and without the crime, traffic and high cost of living, Maine is your best case scenario. Always. Get here quick as you can.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, Broker