Every so often a Maine real estate call comes in that stikes me
Don't Worry About Finding Maine Drinking Water, It's Under There.
Maine Blessed With Lots Of Water, Clean Drinking Water.
funny, odd.

But then you realize it is not like in Maine everywhere else. The question today of a Maine property that has a septic system, home framed up, power but no well yet. The Maine real estate buyer suspicious about how come no water, why did the builder stop the process of construction?

The contractor who owns the Ludlow Maine home and land built it to get it to the point where the hammer could be handed off to a new buyer.

The find the Maine land, do the site work, pour concrete after the cellar forms installed, framing, getting it weather tight and power in to the place over the new driveway all takes prep work some would like to avoid.

Outside Maine real estate buyers or local “do it yourselvers” like taking the ball and running at this point.

They can stay at the property on vacation with a structure all up and no motel or campgrounds with facilities. This property does have a stream and springs the local beavers are having fun damming up, to create a pond. But the lack of a well is not because water is a hit or miss affair when considering the all important Maine water supply.

This Maine real estate buyer asked if there was someone she could pay, hire to determine if she would have water or not for a well after the sale.

I told her save her money, call a local well driller directly and pump him with water questions.

Our water table in Maine is high, many folks have dug not drilled wells. 14 feet deep, concrete 3 foot tiles on top of each other and clean gravel put on the bottom of the well dug out by a back hoe machine.

In some areas of the country water is pretty rare, special, hard to come by. Maine is not one of those areas. Where do you want the well drilled? Observing 100′ from the Maine septic system guidelines but putting it where it won’t be hit by a snow plow or backed in to by guests. Leaving the steel casing stem that goes down to ledge, bedrock visible so you can add cholrox once a year to shock it, like the habit of changing smoke detector batteries.

The wells over the last 31 years we see drilled are 60, 125, 175 deep deep. Not 800 or more like some places. I have a brother in Boxford MA that has one of those to “China wells” and the quality, quantity of it are poor. That does not happen in Maine. And the mineral rights, 99.999% of the time go with the land, are not retained. Once in a rare occassion does an old timer tittering on the edge of going senile say he whole heartedly believes there is gold, silver, copper in that land is is toying with selling. And the family guiding him asks if that will hurt the Maine real estate sale. Yes it will and no there isn’t the simple, short and sweet reply.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, Brokerinfo@mooersrealty.com