Seeds Scattered By The Wind, Birds, Maine Wild Flowers My Favorite.
Maine Lupines, So Special Because Not Man Planted.

Maine’s four seasons all have highlights, hold something special for each person in shared and unique ways.

Spring after a Maine winter can seem like housekeeping outside is needed. Raking up gravel from plow trucks on lawns. Looking for tulips, crocus and other flowers planted last fall that have bulbs.

Removing the Christmas wreath you forgot was on the front door that only gets used at Halloween.

When goblins, trick or treaters climb the front steps, hop on the porch and ring the front door bell in search of a sugar high.

Simple flowers in Maine with the delicate beauty say it all. Hope, renewal, the passage of time. Knowing summer, fall and the cycle continues right on time. Want to own some of ME? Things to do for fun in Northern Maine in Google map form below.

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