Maine Farming Depends On The Weather, Climate, Soil Types, Plenty Of Luck.
Maine Farming, Growing Seasons Vary Like The Weather.

Maine weather. It changes quickly.

Is anything but ho hum, boring. Get asked a lot to describe the weather, how long the growing season in Maine is.

For current weather in Maine, visit the NOAA site. And another site to check out on Maine weather history on storms, rainfal, snow, drought.

The Maine growing season, climate conditions vary depending where you are in the big state up here in the right hand corner of the country. The one parked between Quebec on the west, New Brunswick Canada on the east.

I grew up on a Maine potato farm that also grew grains like orbit oats. Potatoes planted in the the field of the Maine farm were Green Mountain, Katahdins, Russets and new Cobbler spuds to go with the new peas. Vegetables grown for sale at the family farm meant planting corn, cucumbers, squash, green beans, tomatoes, carrots and other vegetables. But corn was the big draw.

Early King the yellow favorite. Sugar and Gold smaller ears of white and yellow corn also made the cars line up for baker’s dozens of thirteen ears.

We also grew strawberries which had a four year cycle before being plowed under and start over. You pick was a dangerous invitation as folks tended to eat two boxes and pick one they paid for. Fourth year was the only time you turned the fields loose to the public.

Also made quick trips across the border in to Woodstock New Brunswick to buy flats, crates of strawberries to resell.

Being a strawberry broker to meet the demand.

The soils in Maine are rich, fertile. Varied soil profile and some designed for woods, other row crops. Some pasture land with ledge keeping plows from cutting in to the ground but ideal for dairy and beef cattle. Christmas tree farming another option. To live off the Maine land.

Ever thought of buying a Maine farm? Making a living, being self sufficient putting locally grown food on the Maine family dinner table? Maine farmers markets are growing in popularity.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers