Over 3500 miles of Maine snowmobile trails means you can
High Powered Maine Snowmobiliers Can Mess Up An ITS Trail System.
Maine Snowsled Groomers Create Flat, Fun, Level Trails To Explore Vacationland.
get places you can not by car easily.

To be among the wildlife, to see the natural fourth season beauty of Maine from the seat of a snowsled. Snow covered Mt Katahdin, listening to a roaring brook with ice forming crystals that glitter in the sunlight.

No noise when the machines are shut off and you sit, take in the scenery.

Watch a snowshoe bunny rabbit hop across the trail in front of the sled.

A trail that has been carefully groomed over night and you and your snowsledding party are the first ones to use it.

The ITS main snowsled trails gets lots of traffic. Are a quick way to get from point A to point B in Maine. But the side trails where you weave through the woods, come out in to a field, cross a bridge over a brook are more fun. Snowmobiling, snow skiing in Maine is fun.

In Maine, some of these snowmobile trails crossing unorganized townships can mean you only see a few fellow sledders all day long in your travels. If you are cold snowsledding in Maine, you are not dressed right.

The liquid cooled snowsleds have radiator fins under your feet, the engine gives off some heat too. And thumbwarmers, handle bar electric grips mean heat is not lacking on the Maine snowsled trail ride experience.

Have been a member of the Maine Snowmobile Association for decades to support the outdoor family winter sport.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers