Maine Moose Playing Hide And Seek From Orange Plastered Hunters.
Maine Moose Trying To Look Small, Scarce As Moose Season Unfolds.

When you were born and bred, or lived in Maine a long time, it is easy to forget it is not this way many places.

Today’s call from a Philadephia teacher who says a half dozen gangs operate in his school, which is the sixth largest in the US.

There are metal detectors which gang members can clear and then open a side exit door and pick up knives, other weapons they plan to use to keep the education process, hallways on its toes with dangerous distraction.

Sounded more like a prison compound to me when he said there are a dozen police officers permanently reporting to, working out of those schools.

I asked him if he gets hazard pay for the conditions and was told any extra money quickly gets eaten up in the cost of living there. He and his wife have five kids and want a safe place to live. Where he does not live in fear at work, where his kids can walk places beyond the yard without worry.

Maine is the 4th lowest crime state. There is a sense of community. And the whole village helps raise your kids here.

Your property and your feelings, opinion respected in Maine.

Do you live where you and your kids each carry tasers? Why?

Maine, a whole new way to live. The way it used to be everywhere else. See the images, watch the videos, and call, click, visit us. That antsy, itchy , nervous anxious feeling you carry around every day in the populated area of the country. Trade it in, move to Maine. Or at least invest in some land, waterfront, outdoor recreation spot to keep you sane.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers